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Alien Caught on Camera at Window Or spirit?
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Alien Caught on Camera at Window Or spirit?

Date Submitted: 07/06/2010

Visitor: Todd

Message: In 2008 my wife and i had opened up to the spirit world and many things happened to us in the early to mid part of 2008. This photo is no coincedence and some may wonder why i have a et looking image in my window?

Alien in Window Alien in Window

I started taking photos in my home, where a spirit face showed up on one of my photos I took at the window in 2007, using telepathy . That didn't happen again until 2008 where i started taking more photos in my house, and would escalate to other places. I was told in June of 2008 as i took that photo to a visionary Medium in Maryland, she told me that the photo is about extra terrestrials...it is incredible the things on that photo. She would go on to say that I would have more visitors and that they would be back. Now i never knew that this was going to happen...other things were showing up in my photos, now when i got home it was june 28 2008 i was dozing off at my computer for about a minute when that face just jumped in my vision with my eyes closed...It would be even in September i was still walking around my home taking pictures as i felt when and where to take one...this is how i got this face. I was checking the photo at work a day later and i almost deleted it..when i saw it!!! I actually freaked out because i knew i had seen that face months earlier. A day after that the company I work for was showing a guy around the place for a job and in my 20+ years their I never saw anyone come in there with a t-shirt on with a extra terrestrial grey face on the back of his shirt!!! I thought wow this is a confirmation!!

It would also be that year my wife became clairvoyant and was seeing spirits, angels and bug looking beings in our room at night..etc...and I was taking more photos. I will note that nothing that I or my wife ever saw was a solid…all spirit forms. It wasn't until late February that my wife woke up in the night and saw him in the air, just his head..then it quickly changed into that of a little boys head. 2 sightings and a photo, I knew something was up with him, then September 20 I was with another medium and I took another photo and you can see a being standing near a tree with another. In that photo you can see the oval head on it. I cannot confirm as to the origin of either of the two photos but a few groups have studied the face in my living room window and all have said there is no fraud found in the photo. And the last group said there was def..something in the photo, but we cannot prove exactly what it is.

So this has been a wild gift that i had been given with photos, then my wife started saying that she wants nothing to do with aliens, I told her for some reason i felt ok with it. When she said this last year I was at the dinner table with her and I had my 2 photos out on the table shaking my head and saying I cannot believe this is happening, and my wife looked up and in the doorway of the kitchen were 2 oval shaped green eyes hovering in the air looking at us .She wasn't scared because it was daytime, if it was night she would not of been happy, so then my wife started having visions and dreams of them I had Ufo dreams and alien dreams...but her one dream was interesting in the way that my wife is not in any way shape or form interested in the paranormal or aliens .And she does not even thinks about this in her day Here is the dream, she is laying down in the dream a bright light is on her ,she sees the ET looking eyes looking through the light at her and the voice says " Don't be afraid we are going to work on your head". She heard voltage type sounds, then the voice said that is all we can do, she heard a food timer go off then she woke up. Here is the kicker, my wife was getting bad headaches for a month and after that dream they were gone. We both have our own journals of all of the strange things in our lives and home since 2007...i can tell you this I have never seen a UFO.

As of August 14 2010 though we still have many visits from spirits…etc..neither of us had any Contact whatsoever with the face we both saw in our home…the same as on the photograph. Though a lot of people may not believe, many now are strarting to because they know me as a person and know I would never lie about something so important.

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