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UFO Sighting & Alien Abduction While Camping in Texas

UFO Sighting & Alien Abduction While Camping in Texas

Visitor: C.L. Donelson

Message: The following events took place in the fall of '06. My brother-in-law Kelley and I were camping in the woods down an old logging road near his house in east texas.

It was around nine at night. We were sitting in front of the tent roasting some hotdogs, and telling ghost stories. Kelley announced that he needed to go to the bath room, and stepped into the bushes momentarily. Seconds later, he emerged saying that he had seen some lights in the sky. He had been unable to identify them and wanted to go see if he could spot them again. So we climbed into my jeep and set off down the logging road to see if we could find the source of the lights.

It did not take us long and as we came around a bend in the road we were shocked to see a large metallic craft hanging suspended in the sky. I brought the jeep to a halt and we sat for a long time staring at the object. I suddenly realized that it had started moving and it was headed right for us, very slowly but steadily. As it came closer, I got a better idea of the objects size and shape. It was maybe forty to fifty feet long and basicly triangle shaped. Other then that, I could not make out too much about it. It was very dark out, and the lights coming from the object made it very hard to see much about it.

It moved slowly downward until it was almost on top of us. Kelley yelled that we needed to get out of there, and I very much agreed with him. But as I slammed the jeep into reverse, and attempted to make a getaway, the motor sputtered and died. Franiclly I tried to restart it, but it was no use. By this time the object had descended until it was resting on the the road in front of the jeep. Kelley and I seemed to have the same thought and we both bailed out of the jeep. I looked around at the woods to see where I could hide, but I heard Kelley yell for me to get under the jeep. He had already taken refuge underneath it and I quickly joined him. For long moments, we lay breathlessly listening. I had just about decided to take a look when I heard some kind of strange noise from nearby. It was like someone speaking but it wasn't like anything I've heard before. The voice was very high pitched and in some lanuage other than english. I heard the passenger door of the jeep open. Then there was more strange talking. As I twisted around to see if I could see anything, (we were both facing the front of the jeep) the entire area lit up like a ball park. I remember being able to see everthing around me like it was day but brighter. I heard Kelley curse beside me. I felt an odd tingling feeling. Everything sort of went dark, I think I must have blacked out. What happened next was very dim. Kelley remembers about the same thing as I do about this part. I remember laying on on a metal table and there being figures standing around looking at me. I do not remember being "probed" or anything, it is possible though. This part is like remembering a dream, it is very dim but still feels very real.

The next thing that I remember is sort of waking up sitting in the drivers seat of the jeep. Kelley was sitting next to me and seemed sort of disoriented. The object had disappeared as if it had never been there. We made it back to the campsite and decided to pack up and head for home. I do not understand what it was that happened that night. Mostly I try not to think about it. I do not go camping any more. I was urged to relate my story by a friend who is a believer in aliens.

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