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Alien Abduction and Given Special Powers

Alien Abduction and Given Special Powers

Visitor: Norm

Message: When I was around 7 years old 1963. I Recall one evening being in bed at night. Seeing a very bright white light glowing outside my bedroom window. I crawled out of bed to look through the curtains to see a monster of a craft just hovering level with my bedroom window. As I turned, about 5 or 6 very small gray creatures entered my bedroom, quite quickly and began to grab my arms and legs to drag from the bed. I was completely terrified I licked and moved about violently fighting these things off some seconds 15 /20 seconds. For some reason, they seem to let me go. After this I have no recollection of the following events. Nothing, no memory no further pictures, nothing. The odd this about this was about 20 years later, When I can across what I now known as the grays, I seemed to instantly recognize them from the above incident. That spooked me to!

Further to this, A woman who I later came to meet about 25 years later, who it turned out lived about, about 800 mtrs down the road, said to my wife ( I had nothing to do with this and did know about it, until my wife mentioned it to me) she had seen a flying disk outsider house at about the same time I had my experience.

There was also a further incident some years later but I will put this on another post!

It sounds strange, but I have grown up, with a view and an insight into things which I believe is far, far in excess of 98% of people I meet. I have incredible ideas and am able to think in the abstract far beyond that of almost anyone I meet. Sounds crazy, but my mind feels alien to this world, I see things very differently from most other people, I just seem to know things, which most people can't begin to understand. I also feel I have a message or messages and the drive to deliver them. But, no one will listen. I don't know if this has anything to do with the above or not. But I mentioned it anyway!

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