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UFO Abduction Story Bristol, Illinois

Home -- Submitted Alien and UFO Encounters

Alien Abduction and Implant-Bristol, Illinois 1963

Date Submitted: 05/19/2011

Visitor: Pat

UFO Lights


As a young child, around 14 years old (in 1963), I experienced something that was very bizarre.

I lived in a subdivision called Willowbrook in the town of Bristol, Illinois. Next to my home was an empty lot where the kids in the neighborhood would play baseball, etc.

I woke up in the middle of the night with flashing lights that I could see with my eyes closed. I thought police cars were outside with their lights spinning. I tried to wake up my other two sisters who slept in the same room with me. They would not awaken no matter how hard I tried. I was told, in my mind, to go out the bedroom window. I thought to myself that something was not totally right since I saw a bunch of my neighbors standing in the field rather dazed.

I crawled out the window and saw round, colorful objects that looked like large spinning balls. Some were still in the air and some were landed in the lot. They did not look saucer like or like most of the UFO's seen on television. I remember going in one of the objects and talking, in my mind, to one of the persons in the craft. I can't remember what they look like but I was not afraid and was treated very kind. The alien (I know he was male) started to shoot something in the front of my ankle. I remember asking what he was doing and he told me he needed to do this to keep track of me but I wouldn't be able to remember anything. I do remember telling him I know I would remember something. I know this sounds crazy, but he let me fly the object!

When they left, I walked back to my home, crawled back in the window and purposely left the window open...thinking, I want to prove to myself this really happened. It was a rule in the house, that the windows (because of the dampness) had to be closed. My step-dad was a military man and was extremely strict. We did not dare go against his rules.

When I awoke, the window was open, and I had a mark on the front of my ankle. I knew it was happening when it was going on but seeing the mark confirmed it even more. I have always wondered if I should have an x-ray taken of the front of my ankle. The experience I had, although I can't remember it all, was a good one.

I sure would like to know if anyone has had something similar like this happen. It has haunted me for years (I am 61 now).

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