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Abduction and White Orb and light
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Possible Abduction and a White Orb. Plus a Possible Alien Implant.

Date Submitted: 04/01/2012

Visitor: Mike

My name is Mike. I am convinced that I have had a strange "other worldly" encounter (and possibly more that I can't remember) which took place when I was 19 yrs. old in Taunton, MA, in 1982/83. I am 48 now and continue to have strange paralyzed sleep.

Anyway, I was living with my then girlfriend, Pam, at her condo in Taunton. After a long day at work, Pam, picked me up and we drove first to the market to grab a couple of steaks for supper, then went directly home. After supper we made love in the livingroom. Afterward,she fell asleep on the couch and I on the living room floor.

At some point during the night I was suddenly jolted awake but, incredibly, I was in a complete paralyzed state while lying naked on my back. I quickly realized that I actually wasn't lying on the floor but floating several inches above it. Panicked I struggled to move and to yell for, Pam. Nothing. I was completely paralyzed. It was like a mild electric current coursing through my body. A weird vibratory hum permeated my ears. Strangely enough, though, I could move my eyes. What appeared to be a white translucent orb caught my eye as it appeared on the wall space between the front door and the ceiling above it. It began to move up and across the ceiling until it was directly over me. It wasn't until then that I realized that the orb was actually a beam of this strange light that was attached to my mid-section. This beam of light was controlling me which accounted for my floating and restraint. It's like I was being returned to where I had originally fallen to sleep.

Suddenly the light vanished and I was instantly free to move and scream. Pam jumped up and I, in a panicked state, tried to describe what I just encountered. She laughed at me and tried to calm me, insisting that it was just a dream. We went upstairs to bed. I fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning when I woke up I was full of fear and anxiety. I was acutely aware that what I experienced was no dream. Later that day I tried to describe the encounter to some of my more educated friends, John and Nicky. They said that it sounded almost like an OOBE (out of body experience). But I wasn't buying it. That beam of light was an instrument - a tool - and it was not a part of me or my immortal soul.

Since then I have had many more nights of paralyzed sleep, but I don't remember anything. But I feel incredible fear and find myself fighting to wake-up, to escape whatever it is that has me under its control. On several occasions I have woken up in other parts of the house after going to bed. Am I sleep walking? I have a nagging sinus problem that my doctor can't explain. Have I been a victim of multiple abductions? I don't know, but I am certain that something strange happened and continues to this day.

I can't tell anyone because they'll have me committed. I feel completely isolated and alone. What am I to do?

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