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Alien Abductions from Arizona
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Alien Abductions from Arizona

Date Submitted: 08/30/2012

Visitor: None Given

Message: The alien abductions.

They began as what I thought were a series of bizzare and frightening dreams. I would lay in bed, paralyzed, even the thought of movement gnawed painfully in my muscles. In my head I would hear the phrase droning in my head, "They're coming, they're coming, they're coming." And then, with a singular clarity a beam of light containing all colors of the universe (many more than our standard plethora) stood before me. All other things in the periphery turned black and statuesque. My body seemed to turn to jelly at that point, and I would be carried away through what felt like a tunnel, pressure on all sides, upwards where everything was dark.

The darkness would end and I would realize that I appeared to have been unconcious. For how long, I don't know.

I found myself in a room where 3 beings stood before me, completely naked. Two of them, called "carriers" had sweeping folds of skin that brushed the ground. Both had round, hairy breasts that seemed to defy gravity. The 3rd being was very small but incredibly strong. His tongue was bisected and noticeably grey, with lips that looked like earthworms. He had the power to control my bodily movements with his mind.

This third being, whom the others called, "Influence" projected images on the walls of the room from lenses that had been implanted in his pubic area and his forehead. Pictures of naked human beings involved in lewd acts were shown to me. He asked me to define each act. I felt intensely exposed. All three beings were watching me. I found that I too was nude.

After the quiz time about earth humans sexual activity was finished, I was commanded to sit on a metal table. The two carriers approached. One of them covered my eyes with the folds of flesh that draped from her hips. The other put her hair covered mouth on my belly, and sucked with incredible force. This when on for about 10 minutes. I felt shivers of fear and confusion.

After they finished, "Influence" commanded the Cariers to leave the clinic area. When we were alone, he put on glimmering, captivating gloves. I found myself mesmerized by these gloves while he approached ever closer. The alien being sat on top of me and swayed. Suddenly my bowels tightened painfully and a cold breeze entered my womb. He then stood up and scurried away without further acknowledment. I laid down on that metal table unable to move.

Over an intercom I heard a voice call out to me- "You have been insemenated with zontestose. Though your inocculation will be invisable to all on earth, you will be retrieved for our purposes soon. You will then relenquish your semi-domesticated hybrid." The last thing I heard was a swirl of questions. ...

After a hard thud, I found myself fully dressed under a full moon walking in a daze towards my home.

When I was next taken by the spacecraft, I was removed from my bed at home as usual. Paralyzed and blinded, I was led up to a surgery ward. The same three beings appeared, but with others of their kind surrounding them. I was suspended and nude except for my slippers, which they allowed me to wear. Amongst themselves they said that the pregnancy was a concern. It was growing too rapidly and they wanted to destroy it so they could begin anew. When I realized they wanted to perform a sort of abortion, I began kicking and screaming in protest because ALL life is sacred. I was met with silence and severe looks, while "Influence" immobilized me with a glance. It was decided to allow this being to continue to grow inside of me. I was ejected once more, with a heavy thud, onto the dark earth.

I was taken back an earthing month later. I was put into a metallic medical area. A crowd gathered around me and I was giving a beaker of bitter fluid to drink. Things began to spin, and then crashed like waves over my torso. The Beings watched me stonily.The indulations came closer and closer together until I was stunned by a sustained pressure that nearly crushed me. A gust of flatulence broke from me, and out came a tiny baby. My vagina was sore, but I was strangely happy. It seemed that whatever was of concern about this small creature was no longer an issue. The creature, my baby, was about the size of a peach, with huge eyes like Jupiters diamonds. Her tiny mouth was already lined with a thin black hairs. Her fingers were long like tree branches. She was mine, but they took her away. The Carrier who had covered my eyes with her flaps while I was being impregnated reached for the baby and left the room clutching her. The baby glanced back at me, lifting a finger in my direction as it was taken away.

I hadn't remembered any of these events until a few years later when I watched the aurora borialis at midnight. I remembered having my baby take from me. Recalling the rest has been a slow process of hard work, but I am committed to uncover the full history of my abductions.

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