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Alien Abduction and a Silver Haired Man
Home - User Submitted Encounters

UFO Abduction and a Silver Haired Man

Date Submitted: 08/01/2014

Visitor: Robert W


My story goes back to when I was around 12yrs old.

This took place in a remote part of pennsylvania, Tatamy. I was coming home from wrestling practice when I noticed helicopters flying around. As I arrived at my house, my sister was histerical. I immediately knew what was going on. I said it was a UFO; right? Prior to this my mom had been saying that I would get up in the middle of the night, stand by the kitchen window and say: "they want me to go down in the field." Of course my mom was not about to let that happen.

On the night of the sighting, my mom was taking food down at the end of the yard to the dog when out of know where this large metallic disc was hovering over my mom and had put some kind of light on her. My sister was at the back door when she started screaming for my mom to run back to the house.

I know that I have been abducted before and many years later when I was 33 yrs old. I was working in a store called Cosmos Crystals in a mall. When you entered or left the store, a chime would sound letting you know someone was in the store.

One day it was me and a coworker at the store when I walked around the corner to check on some incense, there, stood a man who to this day stands out in my mind like it was yesterday. Of course no chimes had gone off indicating someone was in the store.

This man was so beautiful, long silver hair, pure silver, and piercing crystal blue eyes. We both stared at each other when he said, "you don't remember me, do you." I responded by saying no I don't remember you, but I sure think I would have; I told him. He proceeded to stare at me and said, "They call me Saint Michael," I was speechless and could only listen. He told me that he knew me and my name and that we were in a spacecraft together. He continued to tell me that he had seen me several times, and that the aliens call upon him when they need some help. He said he was just checking on me and that fast he was gone, and of course no chimes went off. I didn't even see him leave the store.

My coworker witnessed this and was just as amazed as I was.

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