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Alien Abductions, Inoculations, and Alien Implants

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Alien Abductions Possible Alien Implants Throughout an Entire Life Time

Date Submitted: 03/21/2011

Visitor: Tracy C

Just came across the site today and found it very interesting and informative.

I believe that myself and my child have experienced contact with life forms from elsewhere, however, we discuss this only between ourselves- not even the rest of the family, as many are rather pragmatic people, and would consider us quite mad.

I feel that I have earned some type of repreive, having been their "lab-rat" of sorts, for decades, and I just dont know of any where else to turn. Most ppl just scoff when it comes to alien subjects- many inmy family openly laugh at the concept of "little green men". funny- WE arent little green men, so i dont see why any other race would be, but thats another story all together.

If possible- I would like to know if there is a person who can help me make sense of the events/memories etc and be a support system. I want answers! I want to know WHY they did this to us, why they keep doing it, and what exactly is the point? what are they trying to do? study us? breed us? transport us? all the above?

One very strange event... when i was in school- maybe kindergarden or grade 1- when kids get vaccines in school- we were all in line waiting to get our shot... I dont recall if i got the shot or nnot- I suppose I must have- but when the lady told me to give her my hand- ( she was giving kids a happy face stamp on the back of the hand) I expected to get a happy face stamp like my friends, but it felt sharp and hurt! then i pulled my hand away and there was a triangular shape pattern of many needle dots! like it was a needle-stamp. i asked to see my friends stamped hands, and they all had happy faces- i did not.

i went home and told my mother who at the time thought i was just telling fancy stories. One thing i will never forget was the expression on the woman who stamped my hand. I did not comprehend the expression at the time, as i was too young, but i knew i didnt like it and it was not good. it was kind of a look that a killer might look at you just b 4 they kill you. Kind of a \' you have no say, and i get to do whatever i want to you and noone can stop me hahaha\" kind of evil look.

I never heard anything like it till today on this website i read about a young boy with what looked like triangualr needle marks on his leg. also- I have had several strange bits of material come out of my wrist. I have had several times in my life when i will develop a bump and sore on my wrist- it will grow and grow and develop radiating redness and tenderness all around- after a time u could see that there was something under the skin so i got a pin and worked it out- i saw what looked like a white shiny bit of china- it then fell onto the tile floor i was stood on. i heard it "tink" as it hit the tile floor. but I could never find the bit!!! I swept the whole bathroom floor, and scoured every inch but could never find it. I have 4 or 5 scars from these bits- but no idea where they came from or why they were there or what happend to the bits- as they always get \'lost\' as soon as they exit my skin.

Any information you can send my way would be very much appreciated. Just dont tell me Im crazy, cuz although crazy would be alot easier to deal with- that is the one thing you could tell me that I will never believe.

thank you


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