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Abducted Every Few Years by Interdimensional Entities
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Abducted Every Few Years by Interdimensional Entities

Iterdimensional Entities

Date Submitted: 03/26/2014

Visitor: Lexi

It has happened four times so far. I am in a daze in bed and absolutely paralysed, so scared I need to just run but I cannot move. Over what seems like a number of hours of absolute terror I am able to move again and begin to remember what happened.

After I went to bed something entered my room. It is hard to explain what it is as the entities are so far removed from what one knows, it is hard to explain.

They put me into a heavy state of trance. It starts with a bussing sound and attached to it is a heavy, heavy vibration an with it I get the feeling that something is growing or pulsating.

After what seems like a while I am aware that it is the craft or place that I have been taken to. It is pulsating and white. So white that it hurts, and the vibrations are so nauseating that I would do anything to get out of there. When it all comes back to me bit by bit I remember that they told me that the vibrations are hurting me because I have been taken to a separate dimension. Because my body was built for our frequency I cannot last in this different one for long. I remember asking them if I can stay but am told that it is impossible as my body will not take the exposure for a long time. Although I am nauseated and in pain it is a place where everything is just so wonderful. All cares of the world are lost and nothing is impossible. Everything is easy and although I want for nothing everything is within reach. Time is not there and that is the most amazing part of it as, although we do not realize it here but time adds an angst that limits our whole way if thinking.

The beings can read my mind and I can read theirs and there is just absolute purity, no barriers, no malice, no jealousy or anything like that at all. It is just where we came from and will return. It is where I made the decision to come here and it is where I will go after. They remind me of this and before long I am back in my bed. I am scared because after being there I am now in a place I do not want to be. I wanted to stay but am now alone again in this all too physical world.

It has happened four times so far. The first time was when I was about five. I was born in 1977 and it has happened periodically since and I hope will be again soon.

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