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Abducted by Blue Gray Aliens
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Abducted by Blue Gray Aliens

Date Submitted: 11/16/2014

Visitor: Willow T

Message: This happened a long time ago and I have only told my husband and my sister about it (and it still makes me feel the same way - eviscerated). My sister was present when it happened but didn't remember seeing or experiencing anything about aliens. She has since passed away due to cancer which she refused to have treated until it was too late.

This happened/started when I was 15 - it was June the summer of 1978. Afterwards, I frequently experienced incidents of lost time on a regular basis, developed an intense fear of heights and flying, spiders, doctors, and hospitals (I never flew in any craft that I am aware of until I was in my 20's). When I was 27 and in college, the university Doctor operated on my arm to remove what he thought was a normal cyst - only to find a strange metallic chip like object. The "no big deal" surgery painted his office red with my blood and he had to call in help to complete the surgery. I don't know what happened to the chip other than he stated he was "sending it in" to see what it was. He left the University shortly afterward.

So, here goes what little I remember.

My mother, my aunt, my little sister (5 years younger than me), and my 4 cousins (all 2+ years younger than me) took my aunt's station wagon to a Tent Revival located about ten miles east of Tyler, Texas. When the revival took a break midway through, all of us kids took the opportunity to evade our parent and our aunt and ran off outside to chase each other around.

It was already dark outside even though it was the middle of summer (that first half of the revival seemed to last forever). I was running around trying to evade the others when I ran behind the tent (it was like a circus tent). I was standing there relaxing when I saw a bright light in the neighboring field. At first I thought it was a tractor, but what tractor is 20 or so feet off the ground with bright blue lights? I looked again more closely and realized it was a disc shaped levitating craft. It had a ladder going from the side facing me to the ground and there were 5 grayish blue, leathery skinned creatures - 2 climbing down the ladder and 3 already on the ground. I soon realized that just like I was staring at them - they were staring and gesticulating at me. Just then my sister ran up and tried to get me to join their game of chase, but I told her I was watching a UFO and aliens and pointed at them. She laughed at me, said something like yeah, right, and ran off to continue their chase.

That is the last thing I remember until I heard my mother calling me some 4 hours later. I was still standing there behind the tent, although my oldest and most serious and reliable male cousin swore that he had looked there for me and I was not there.

The craft was no longer in the field. It was hovering in the night sky - only visible because of its blue lights. We all loaded into the station wagon and I made sure to sit in the backend so I could watch for the craft. It followed us almost all the way home. I was too freaked out to tell anyone.

Afterwards, I frequently experienced lost time. Some times I lost days. I was in college by that time and no one else that I was close to was around to notice, except my teachers who complained about me missing class and sometimes tests, and my roommate. Around this time I also noticed the occurrence of "false" memories. I would remember doing things, like homework and eating at the college cafeteria with my roommate, only to find out I hadn't done it or be told by my roommate that I wasn't there. Never knew what to make of that. Kinda thought I was going crazy there for a while.

During my early 30's this kinda fazed out to where it wasn't a frequent occurrence anymore and gradually seemed to almost stop. But even after marrying my 2nd husband I would still lose a few hours at least once a month and had random nosebleeds a few times a month. In recent years this has seemingly stopped. I hope it stays that way.

Oh, a note.... Early in my current marriage I was trying to get pregnant. My husband and I went to a prominent doctor in Dallas, Texas. He ran some tests and did some exams and told me that my eggs had been harvested. I honestly don't know what to think about that. I've wondered if a doctor could really tell if that had happened and if so, where are my eggs?! All of this is just too weird. Maybe I am just nuts. It's kind of the better option I think.

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