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A Life Time Of UFO Sightins-I Was Abducted

A Life Time Of UFO Sightins-I Was Abducted

Visitor: Andy

Message: My first encounter with the aliens was when I was about 7 years old back in Europe. I remember being in bed and I was awake. There was a figure standing next to my bed because it was dark I could not see much but I could still make out what it looked like. It was tall skinny and it had a big head. It was angry with me and it told me to close my eyes and go to sleep. It actually didn't tell me by speaking, I just some how knew, must have been telepathically. It had a stick and it hit the bed cover that I was over me, angrily. Being scared I closed my eyes and I must have fallen a sleep almost immediately. I didn't tell my parents about it I just though it was a bad dream and after a while I forgot all about it but every so often that encounter still haunts me.

My Parents moved from Europe to Sydney Australia 1971 couple of years after that, I was about 9 years old. During my years living here in Sydney Australia I have seen flying things in the air that you wouldn't believe. At one stage when I was about 13 I saw this light it was like a crystal ball shining in the night flouting away now that was creepy. Over the years I also have seen yellow lights unusual shapes in the sky striking across the sky. I know they weren't helicopters or airplanes you can spot one of them and tell what they are but the yellow lights well it is something very different.

Many years after that I got married and my wife and I bought a house. In September 1995 my wife and I were driving home from her parents place it was the weekend and we spent that evening at her parents place because it was her birthday. It was about 10pm when we were on our way home and not very far from our place. As I was driving I noticed 3 yellow lights in the night sky. I pointed it to my wife and she said it was just helicopters. I wasn't convinced because there were 3 of them and they were very close to each other. As we were getting closer to home the yellow light were almost over our house you could see them very clear. I parked the car in the garage and my wife went to have a shower. Me being curious I went outside the back yard to have a look at these unusual lights although I have seen this type of yellow lights many times before elsewhere. They were just flouting around I was watching them for about 10 minutes it looked creepy and then suddenly 2 of them were flouting to a different direction. They kept on going and they disappeared behind the trees. Now one was still there just slowly moving around. Watching this yellow light just gave me the feeling of pins and needled on my body and I felt somewhat spooked. So I didn't' hang around to see what might happened next I very briskly went in side feeling a bit spooked to have witnessed these lights. I told my wife about it and all she could say is it was only helicopters.

One day round about 2005 I happened to have noticed 3 small dot marks of a triangle shape on my......would you believe it,......foreskin of my penis. I won't tell how I found out but anyway I'm not circumcised so the markings were hidden under the foreskin and it's not noticeable until you peal the skin back. All those years I never even knew that the dot markings were there. You can cleary see the in printed dots it looks like it was engraved into my skin. Seeing that just shocked me and I just couldn't understand how this appeared there without me knowing about it. It didn't look natural it definitely was placed there. Thinking about it a lot I realized how these marks could possibly have appeared on the foreskin of my penis.

The story I was telling you earlier on about the experience of 3 yellow lights back in September 1995, which spooked me really bad. Well I remembered that morning that my penis was very tender to touch. I remember trying to do a pee and it was stinging and I noticed the foreskin on my penis very pinkish red and felt very irritated and looked swollen a bit. I didn't think of it much at the time, I though that I was having too much love making with my wife because we were trying to have our first baby at that time. It took about 3 or 4 days to heal and the irritation was gone so I didn't think about it anymore.

Anyway I believe that I was abducted that night when my wife and I saw these yellow light in the sky. The thing is I don't remember anything during that night to me I slept well and don't remember waking up at all. So there are no memories of abduction or anything like that. The only think that was different is when I woke up to go to the toilet to do a pee my penis felt and looked like sore and swollen around my foreskin.

What I believe is they used me for an experiment or maybe a test of some kind and then they marked me. I think they deliberately tried to make sure it was hidden so it could not be noticed or seen and so they could identify me and probably use me in there future experiments. It seems that some people that go through these abduction can remember or have flash backs but for some reason I don't remember anything about it but have a strong feeling that's what has happened. I would like to go under hypnotherapy to help me remember but I'm also a bit scared to find out it may scare me for the rest of my life. I have taken couple of pictures of the marking on my foreskin. If anybody has similar experience and is also marked in the same way I would like to hear from you.

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