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It was a Flat Dish in the Sky The Size Of A Football Feild!.

It was a Flat Dish in the Sky The Size Of A Football Feild!.

Visitor: UnKnown

Message: Look... first, I do not believe if aliens had ships that could come to earth that they would just hover for a moment, and screw off... with that out of the way:

When I was younger, I lived in Tampa Florida. The year was 1997, and I liked to walk at night, (it was the only time I got to myself). One night as I was walking I started to hear a low humming... not a sound I had ever heard before, or ever again. I looked up, what my eyes told me will be forever in my mind. What it was I can not way... It looked like a flat dish, but about the size of a football field, it had one large white lite in the center, in the middle of the "ship" (?) there was a ring of smaller lights that rotated slowly, blue and white. On the outer rim was a nother "string" of lights (blue, and white) that did not rotate.

I was alone the first time, but a month later, I was in an Orlando hotel (just went to Bush Gardens), and again I was out for the night, but as the walking would have sucked, I went for a swim in the pool. I heard the humming one last time. I looked up, and there it was! Again! This time I was not alone their were many people in the pool with me. I looked up, and yelled, (they thought I was crazy) saying look at that! do you see it? is it real!?! they looked in shock, they too saw it. I was not alone... I am not crazy!

Look... what I saw could not fly... there is no way with even today's technology we could make that fly...

I am asking you (the readers) to help me understand what it was... it was a UFO, but what was it? again i dont think if aliens had the technology to come to earth, they would just hover for a moment, wave, and screw off. pleas help me... years later it still gets under my skin, I just want to understand. the - falken (at) mail (dot) com

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