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Visitor: A

Message: Hello, Unfortunately, I have no photo to supply, only my story to give.

It was 1993, I was living in the northern part of NSW Australia living with my girlfriend at the time. We had a bed that was very uncomfortable so I used to on occassion sleep out in the living room on a pump up mattress. One night I was out there sleeping when I was awoken by this feeling of someone lifting, or holding my left arm up in the air. As I started to wake up more, and with each reality check during this waking up process, I could still feel my arm being held up in the air. As I turn and open my eyes, I saw 2 little grey aliens that had a hold of my arm. It took for only a second of looking at each other until they dropped my arm and quickly hobbled to the end of my matress. As they did this, I stood up further in complete shock to what I was wittnessing, realising they were leaving. I said to them, No Wait! holding out my arm to signal them to stop. I felt an urgent need to speak to them and to find out what was going on. Who are they? what do they want? When they reached the end of my bed, they both turned to face me and just waited for only 2 seconds, when I saw this electricity beam, that looked like a zig zag line, that started from the left and covered them both. Once the zig zagged line hit the floor on the other side of them, they both dissappeared, vanised completely. I was left looking at the kitchen table which was on the other side of them. At that point, I just couldn\'y believe what I had seen, feeling incredibley tired, I flopped back to my pillow after saying to myself, Fu*k this! and fell back to sleep.

The next morning I hadn't given it another thought. I fixed myself some breakfast and sat down at that kitchen table to eat it. My girlfriend had not yet woke up. As I was eating, I noticed a wound on my left arm. Still glisening fresh with blood still fresh. Not that it was bleeding. Just like you would have if you had puntured yourself or grazed your arm on some brick work for an example. Yet this would they gave me wasnt in that fasion. It was a complete circle, at a very precise depth all the way around. Feeling a bit grogy, I looked at it thinking, I dont remember having hurt myself at all recently. I thought about what I did the day before to confirm it - nope I thought, I hadnt gone anywhere yesterday. I looked at it again then noticed just how precise this wound was. Then My mind was very active. THinking hard what the hell had done this then BANG! The memory with small captions started flashing through my mind. Then another and then another again. I had a deep and horrible feeling of reality hitting me. Oh My God, I thought, less than 30 seconds, I had remembered it all. I was beside myself in shock and amazment! ME, So insignificant in this world, have been visited by ALIENS! Of course I told as many people as I could, and of course, people just thought I was crazy. No one believed me!!

That was my first experience. Since then, the same species have visited me every year and go to the same area of my arm and do what ever they do. I can always tell they have been as the scarring seems to chage and is fresh with a new shape. I have grown familiar with the sedative they give me. They dont want me away during their process. I am not hurt, and feel that they are welcome to perform any study they need to. In my mind, they are welcome to do this.

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