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1980s Abduction Missing Time
Home - User Submitted Encounters

1980s Abduction Missing Time Possible CIA or FBI Involvement

Visitor: Anonymous

Message: Here is my abduction account that happened almost 30 years ago. Its bothered me for years and I was always hesitant to talk about it, for fear of possible reprisal. But now I just want some kind of closure on it and to have some idea of what happened and why. If nothing else, you’ll find it’s a good story if you don’t believe it.

First, this happened in high school. My twin brother and I and our friends were dungeons and dragons nerds. Well, we thought we were kind of cool. There were six of us and we played the games of the day: D and D( advanced), Traveller, Boothill, Gamma World, Chill. I think maybe this had something to do with it, it’s the best explanation I could come up with. At the time, there was some paranoia and hysteria over Dungeons and Dragons being dangerous and satanic. Check Tom hanks movie “Mazes and Monsters” for a laugh, but there was real negative views on it.

So we played our games at each other houses. At some point though, I noticed that when our friend would drop us off in his car, a car would pull up at the end of our street and then turn around and drive off when we got out. This happened several times. Some times it was on one end of the street, another time the other. I pointed it out to our friends and they agreed it was odd. I told my friend who drove us to watch if a car followed him home. He said that indeed a car stopped at the end of his dead end drive cul de sac and then drove away when he parked in front of his house.

We loved it. To us it was cool. We were high school kids being watched by the FBI, or the CIA like we were spies. We joked about it and would make comments over the phone thinking we were being tapped. Maybe we were. We’d use russian accents and say “ They are on to us, comrade.” and use the buzz word “ CIA” whenever a car would drive past or we’d see somebody walking by. Yeah, it was a joke to us, I mean we had never done anything. But it was odd us being under surveillance like that. Unless we just imagined it and it was pure coincidence.

Then one day around then my brother and I went to school. We shared a homeroom and the teacher gave us absentee slips. We wondered why and said we were in school the previous day. He said, no you weren’t. We looked at each other and tried to think if we had gone somewhere and had forgotten it. No, we’d have remembered that. We shared a gym class and asked other students if we were in school the day before, we were sure we were. They said no. We shared a lunch with one of our friends and he asked us where we were. Maybe we weren’t in school but where did we go that we couldn’t remember?

Okay, now I was confused. we were sure we were in school, although I couldn’t remember any particulars about the day. It was like a blank. I got kind of paranoid. I thought we had gone to school and got interrogated and then drugged or that maybe the entire school got hypnotized into thinking we weren’t there.

We walked home and asked our dad if he had dropped us off at school the day before like he always did. He said yes. We asked him if we came back to the house or if we had gone anywhere with him or the family on a day trip. He said no, puzzled. Then we gave him the absentee slip and they said that we hadn’t gone to school.

He was at a loss since he always drove us to school in the mornings and since he was retired he and my grandmother were home all day. They’d have known if we had come home and the school almost definitely would have called to see why we weren’t in school. Maybe this involved the whole family, maybe we were all abducted, I have no idea. My mother was at work that and that part seemed normal. When she came home she called the school and said that she believed we were in school. She was told to just have us bring the slips in talk to the principal. We did and just stuck by our story that we were in school and that was the end of it. Maybe the principal was involved, there was no questioning of us, he just let it go at that. It just doesn’t make sense. Its classic missing time but its not just that, there seems to be more to it.

The best theory that I can come up with is that maybe the feds put us on a watch list over the Dungeons and Dragons game and then abducted us, interrogated us, saw we were harmless, and drugged us our hypnotized us, maybe memory erased us, and let us go. Nothing ever happened after that, nothing unsual. I do worry a little about something like the Manchurian Candidate brain washing having been done to us. I’ve thought about hypnosis to try to remember that day also.

What do you think happened? One last thing. I posted this story on a public board some months back and that night I woke up to find that my watch had stopped at 2:30 AM and it was now 5:30 AM. The battery was checked and it was fine.... another coincidence?


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