UFO Pictures

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Strange UFO in the Sky

Hovering UFO

In this UFO picture we have a very clear still image hovering over the tree line. Unfortunately we have no other information about this picture.

Odd in the Sky


Looking up watching birds migrate this women noticed a strange light in the sky. From this far away it's hard to analyze if it is in fact from another world. But it is strange non the less.



These UFO pics have been around for quite some time now. They have yet to be proven true or false and all we know is that they were taken in 1955. You decide.

Good UFO Picture


Old Original Picture of a UFO

Old Original UFO

This is a scan of an actual print picture of a UFO that someone took in 1954. It has a very common shape and is of pretty good quality considering its old age.

Two Perfectly Aligned UFOs

Two UFOs

These two magnificent UFOs are hovering high off the ground and in a perfect formation as if they were going to attack.

Bishop California


A Government Project?

Government UFO

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