UFO Pictures

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1947 Poland

UFO in Poland

Called a fake for many years at least we know it's not a photoshopped picture of a UFO, while it does resemble a type of flying disk like a frisbee we figured it was still worthy enough to put up on the research site for other people to cast their own opinion.

Close up UFO Pictures

Close up UFO Close up UFO Close up UFO Close up UFO Close up UFO

Here we've grouped together five different close up and personal pictures of UFO's from different countries around the world so you can get a better idea of the designs the aliens have had throughout the years. Some of the pictures aren't that good of quality because they're so old and the people taking the pictures were really trying to get a good close up shot.


UFO in Russia

Hovering High over the skies of Russia someone caught a great photo of a Silverish UFO. The picture was definitely from a long time ago and the quality isn't the greatest, but the picture is still outstanding proof of the existence of aliens on earth.

Scotland 1947

UFO in Scotland

Here we have another silver object in the sky flying over the green hills of Scotland in 1947. A terrific picture taken from an amateur photographer.

UFOs Picture Over the Mountains

UFO Pictures

It seems to be pretty common knowledge that extraterrestrials while sometimes visiting populated areas generally stick around smaller communities probably because of the less chance of being seen. In this UFO picture you can see two dark objects flying over an unknown mountain range.

Picture of a UFO by a Cliff

Dark UFO Picture

Debunked as a bird in flight with a slow shutter speed on the camera, this picture has still always intrigued many people around the world and very well could be real because it hasn't been proven one way or the other.

From the Ocean

UFO in the Ocean

There are many theories about UFOs in the world and one of them is that aliens aren't even coming from across our galaxy, but are actually living under our oceans. In this picture you see a beautiful and bewildered women watching as the space craft flies by her.

South Carolina


A perfect shot of a real UFO from South Carolina in the USA. Taken March 7, 1973 by an unknown photographer were lucky to have another great UFO picture for our research.

Farmer Takes Picture of UFO-Canada

UFO Canada

This Picture from Canada was taken by a farmer while coming in for lunch in the middle of the day. After zooming in the picture you can tell that it's a genuine photo and not a fake.

Three Pictures of a UFO Lift Off

A UFO Lifting Off

From bottom to top you can see a clear picture of a UFO Lifting Off. What may look like smoke to some people is really just dust being thrown around and enhanced by the light off the ship.

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