UFO Pictures

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World War Two Nazzi UFO Haunebu Pic

Secret Haunebu Nazzi UFO Pic

There was an odd craze that went on during World War Two where the Germans and the USA were trying to build UFO looking crafts (Makes you think huh?). This is a German craft called Haunebu that never really worked well enough to use in the war.

Over Trees-Redbud Illinois 1950

UFO over Trees

An old picture from the early fifties showing what appears to be an alien craft flying over a tree in Redbud Illinois in the United States. The picture is very old and there for not that clear. But there is definitely a UFO overhead that's for sure.

Miki-Cho and Chiba Japan 1978

UFO in Japan

Two similar UFO Pictures taken in Japan in the late 1970s both are of decent quality and show many of the features of the Unidentified Flying Objects. These pictures seem to turn up all over the world in every culture.

Utah 1981

Diamond shaped UFO

Right around sundown on the open fields of Kanarraville Utah this very clear picture was taken of a diamond shaped UFO. Notice the lights on the bottom of the space ship and how beautifully designed it is.

UFO Schematic- Ex Roswell Engineer

UFO Schematic

An ex engineer from the Roswell Crash drew up these basic plans to help the world understand how a Flying saucer functions and that UFO's and aliens are real and visit the earth on a regular basis.

Three UFO Photos- Mexico

Mexico UFO Mexico UFO Mexico UFO

Here we have come across three different UFO pictures from Mexico all of which don't look very real and may be fakes. We have no other information on these pictures and can't get a confirmation from any sources.

Scotland 1979

UFO Scotland

Taking a turn while flying through the air someone got to take this great UFO Picture. In this picture you can see the space ship turning much like a jet or motorcycle would by leaning into the turn which makes a lot of sense because of our atmosphere.

Washington State 1967

UFO Washington

This was a lucky shot that someone took in Washington on the west coast of the USA. While turning into the sun this person shot a perfect UFO pic right into the sun which is no easy task.

Oregon 1927

UFO Oregon

A perfect photo taken in the beautiful state of Oregon back in 1927. As you can see from the picture it's a disk shaped object hovering just over the trees.

UFO in the Distance

UFO In the Distance

In the distance you can see a small white object floating in the middle of a picture perfect day by the water. This object was said to have been zig zaging around before coming to a halt where this picture was taken.

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