Real UFO Pictures

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Silver UFO Picture

Silver UFO

Not much is known about this picture other than what's apparent in the image itself. It seems we have a silver UFO sleek in design traveling over some kind of a desert and we have no clue what that box is in the right side of the picture.

Accidental Picture of a UFO-2005

Ufo over your Shoulder

This is one of those great unexpected sightings that happens after you take the picture. In this case, after they took the shot the UFO came closer and shot off in the other direction. It wasn't until after they developed the film that they noticed it in the background.

UFO PICS-Date Unknown But Old


This picture of UFO's in the sky really could be a fake. It's hard to tell if there are two UFOs in the air or just one moving very quickly with a slow shutter speed. You can see the Unidentified Flying Object very clearly though.

UFO Sighting-New London CT March 3, 2007

UFO New London

This UFO picture was taken while the UFO was in flight at high a high altitude and fast speeds. It's a very shiny metallic color and quite reflective of the sun.

Unidentified Flying Object in Parking Lot

UFO in parking lot

We really know nothing about this picture, but the metallic object hovering in the sky is definitely out of place with the rest of the parking lot. If you look around the picture it looks as though the camera was hiding inside of something because of the circle of black around the rim of the picture. Perhaps it was a hidden parking camera turned a little too far up and they got lucky with this pic...

UFO Sets Off Railroad Crossing lights

UFO Flying high in the sky!

In the top right of the picture that was apparently taken on January of 2004 you can see a UFO and if you look at Railroad crossing signals they are going off, but no train is there. This seems to be a common occurrence when UFOs are around, they often disorientate different kinds of electronics.

Picture of a Triangular UFO in Flight

Triangular UFO

In the beautiful sky below the clouds someone took this great picture of a moving triangular UFO. Even though it's a triangle type shape it still seems to have rounded edges and is a common metallic silver color.

Disk Shaped Object Over a Luckys


Not only is there the obvious UFO above the store, but if you look far up into the sky you can see a small white circle in the sky. Which proves that like any interstellar travel no one comes alone.

Pictures of UFOs-USA 2002

UFO in Parking lot

We've been seeing a lot of pictures of this type of UFO in the last ten or twenty years it seems like a very popular one. These pics were taken in the US in a parking lot in Pennsylvania by someone grocery shopping.

UFO Seen while Flying-Florida April 2007

UFO in sky

While flying over Florida in the spring a pilot and his friend caught a snap shot of a strange craft in the sky and watched zig and zag until it flew out of range into the distance.

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