Fax sound, Black Copters, and Alien Abductions

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Fax sound, Black Copters, and Alien Abductions

Postby Nadyenka » Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:41 pm

During the time that this happened, I lived with my current husband in Prospect, Oregon USA. It was during the winter of 2002 - 2003. I would sleep half the day and then go upstairs to my "office" and go on the computer where I ran a support group late into the night for survivors of the Monarch Project, which was adult children who had been abused as children by not only aliens but also the FBI and CIA and included alien and MIB abductions and encounters, and survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse which included all of the above.

One evening I was sitting at my computer - online in a chat room with about 10 other people - when I began to "hear" something that sounded like a fax machine only it seemed to be inside my head. The noise was excruciatingly painful - it burned. I was in so much pain I couldn't sit in my chair - much less stand up or walk.

I didn't have a fax machine. My computer did not have the speakers attached. They were packed in a box downstairs as we had just moved there. There was no radio or TV and nothing else that could have made the noise - which seemed to come from the west. I could, however, also hear helicopters buzzing our house (my husband was out of town working).

My head swam and I fell over on the floor. No significant period of time seemed to pass but when the noise stopped and I finally became able to get up off the floor, approximately 3 hours had passed and the net was blowing up with people trying to get me to respond or to figure out what had happened to me. We were in the middle of our nightly session when this happened so everyone knew SOMETHING MAJOR had happened. I took our group sessions very seriously as I was frequently walking someone (or several someones) through graphic memories of abuse and abduction.

To this day I don't know for sure what, if anything, happened during those 3 hours. When it was over though, the helicopters quickly dispersed. For months afterwards they were almost nightly visitors in my night sky. About 4 months later, I had a very intense Grand Mal Seizure (Drs say I am NOT epileptic) and remembered an experience of alien abduction that I relived during the seizure.

And that's my story about what happened to me in Oregon. I have quite a few memories of alien encounters starting when I was about 3 years old (which I recounted in an earlier e-mail) so I have no doubt that I am an abductee. I just tonight remembered this, though, and thought I would share it too.
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Re: Fax sound, Black Copters, and Alien Abductions

Postby Swami » Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:45 pm

Is America slowly beginning to be a place u dont want to be in...I mean if such things are happening so openly and if there is any truth about govt involvement then Americans become the most unsafe citizens in the world.. A sad end to a great country and citizenship don't u think...
Its unbelievable the American public are liviblliving with this for so long. They are the most powerful citizen in the world.
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