Fantastic experiance

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Fantastic experiance

Postby lizamarcelle » Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:16 pm

Dear All ..Saturday 15th Feb this year i decided to walk the dog at about 6.30pm..It was the first starry night for a few weeks ..On the way back i decided i would look up at the night sky..I saw a moving star ,moving from one star to another,It looked like the game dot to dot ,that a child would do with pen and paper...This were stars which meaned this moving object was moving at incredible speed...I have seen these before,Anyway i decided to wave knowing i was looking at a ufo..I also put my thmb up..In a cheeky sort of way ..The ufo disappeared out of sight and i carried on my way feeling quite cheerfull..Any way after walking about 3 steps i decided to look overmy left shoulder up at the skies.Tomy utter shock a massive red and gold fireball streaked across the sky .It seemed really close and it was huge ,,Really other people should of seen it ..It only lasted about 1.5 seconds....But it made a massive impact on me,tell you the truth it shook me up a bit ...But instinctivly i knew it was in relation to the moving star..It wasbecause i actually waved at it with intention ,,,,It waslike the sky ripped open and for asplit secong i saw that close up ..I do actually think this world has a thin veil over it ,andif that wasripped open the shockof what we see in our skies would be to much for our little human psyche to actually take in ..Its there for our protection..But at times it opens..On Saturday evening i felt shocked and tense at what i had experianced..To the point i thought i would have a panic attack..But that passed and since then i have been in a really good mood....Another thing ..I really think these extra-terrestrials have a good sense of humour .Are totally linked to us andknow just howfragile we can be...Any comments would be welcome..Thanx for reading .
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Re: Fantastic experiance

Postby Alien UFO Research » Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:50 pm

Hmm. Where did this happen approximately? I'm first, really curious about the fireball. You may have seen some kind of comet and I'd love to know if you did.

The stars in the sky moving and bouncing around at incredible speeds and moving erratically are seen a lot. They very well may have been some kind of UFO, but I doubt that they saw you wave. You may have just gotten "lucky" with seeing the fireball coming your way. I mean, if they were in space they must have been at least a couple hundred miles above you.

Did you experience any loss of time? A common occurrence with abductions. Not saying you were, but it's important to cover bases like that.

Either way I'm glad that you feel ok now. Sometimes people can get really shooken up about seeing stuff like that.
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