help... s.o.s.....

We would all love to hear what you have seen or encountered. Let it all spill out whether you saw a UFO an Alien or big foot.

help... s.o.s.....

Postby larrysalazar62 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:48 pm

im larry Salazar(557179498) & my wife name is Rowena Salazar(552158262) aka as 'lulu'.we have 6 kids & 3 grandkids & ect... & also all r families & friends & especially the world... me & my wife have been aducted by a alien that also shot a alien device in our hearts,believe it or not I can see it thru my eyes... this aduction started bac in 1999' in December & its been very horrifying to me & my wife & the family,but also a lot of this issue on my wifes behalf has been kind of deleted of her memory of what exactly happen in the bengining...but as for me ,nothing but torture & havoc 24/7 thru day & nite...especially w/my family of this case of this alien attack.. but I also come to learn & somehow,its the"fourth kind aliens" that spinning alien device that's stuck in my heart & my wifes heart also, is some kind of magnetic device that's keeps the alien on us & to tyrack us,we need help to destroy it & to get rid of the aliens away from us... I inform the naval agency & others,but whats taking so long.... these aliens r already creeping in our bodies & they keep telling that their 'god' but I also caught on that they want to slave us... I been hospitalize a couple of times due to this crisis from the beginning of 1999',i also have info who the person that cause this crisis bac in 1999' I caught this person using telephatic mind & sexual distance connection to my wife & some kind of out of body maneuver also, me & my wife along w/our kids have facebooks profiles & on my wall I have posted a lot of sneaky S.O.S emergency help hints for me & my family...& also about aliens... the person who I kno that's responsible of this alien aduction crisis also has a facebook profile under the name greg orosco,who lives @ 1578 mcwood st in west & now this person is up in grand prairie tx close to where r families r livin @( in irving tx & grand prairie tx also)... that alien spinning device that I could see thru my eyes(inner & also outer)... we need to get rid of it from our hearts imidiately... we need the governmemt 'M.I.B'S OR THE MAJIC 12'S & NASA & OUR GOVERMENT TO OUR RESCUE.... WE RE @ 1563 NORTH D ST #6 IN SAN BERNARDINO ,CA 92405 (909)2426585...S.O.S..... & IM ALSO A VETERAN OF UNITED STATES ARMY... UNDER LORENZO SALAZAR.......
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Re: help... s.o.s.....

Postby alienreporter » Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:59 pm

Are you sure it's magnetic think in your heart? Why don't you check?
Take a normal magnet or buy one. Not Neodymium, because it's too strong. a 20T magnet and put it next to your heart.

Waiting for response.
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Re: help... s.o.s.....

Postby Nadyenka » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:26 pm

Dude! I'm sorry you are experiencing all this, but you really don't want the CIA involved. They are not on your side! They are as much the enemy (maybe more) as the Aliens. They are selling us to the Aliens to get technology from them. The CIA are our Enemies! I don't know how to get you help. Maybe you could find a way to attract the "good" Aliens? They are the only ones I know of that could help you. Sorry not more help. Good luck!
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