Muslim Astronaut's Problem-Face Mecca and Pray from Space

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Muslim Astronaut's Problem-Face Mecca and Pray from Space

Postby Alien UFO Research » Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:41 pm

Malaysia apparently has a space program named Angkasa that I was not aware of, and is a country of mostly Muslims. This is posing a problem for astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor who is a devout Muslim and is trying to deal with the problem of praying towards Mecca.

While on the ISS he will be around 220 miles above Earth zooming around the Earth so fast t 4.791 miles/s that even if he finds where to pray he will basically go out of range in the middle of prayer.

"As a Muslim, I do hope to do my responsibilities," Shukor says. "I do hope to fast in space."

It's such a big deal that they put together a confence with 150 Islamic scientists and scholars in 2006 to wrestle with the problem.

They came to the conclusion in a report released, that said one should do as best as they can when praying from space and basically prioritized their prayer this way: 1) the Ka'aba, 2) the projection of Ka'aba, 3) the Earth, 4) wherever they can do.

As more religious countries and people end up in space more problems and solutions like this are sure to arise.

Seemed pretty neat to me.

Here's the full article. ... a_in_orbit
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Re: Muslim Astronaut's Problem-Face Mecca and Pray from Spac

Postby jen157 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:35 pm

Wow. I guess that would be a problem huh. I would think though that God would forgive you if you just sort of aimed towards there. Even on Earth they don't really hit it straight on.
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