CBS Poll - Less Than Half of U.S. wants More Gun Control

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CBS Poll - Less Than Half of U.S. wants More Gun Control

Postby Alien UFO Research » Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:10 pm

A new poll out by CBS shows that the earlier numbers of people wanting gun control were skewed either by the shooting in Connecticut or simply by the powers that be.

This poll was conducted by telephone from March 20-24, 2013 among 1,181 adults nationwide. Phone numbers were dialed from samples of both standard land-line and cell phones. The error due to sampling for results based on the entire sample could be plus or minus three percentage points. The error for subgroups may be higher. This poll release conforms to the Standards of Disclosure of the National Council on Public Polls.

The new poll states that support for stricter gun control laws is only at 47% down from 57% just months ago.

Women to men is at 55% to 39% in support for stricter gun control respectively Democrats at 66% down from 78% in just February.

It seems that congress has taken notice as well, dropping the most controversial parts of the law the high magazine clips and so called assault weapons.

For now it seems that the second amendment that give the right to bear arms to all Americans will be saved.
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Re: CBS Poll - Less Than Half of U.S. wants More Gun Control

Postby jen157 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:19 pm

Police seem to on board with the 2nd amendment as well which seems like it would come as a shock to the Obama administration.

The very reputable police site Police One has put out a poll of 15,000 Law Enforcement Professionals about U.S. Gun Control Policies that backs up the idea that a well armed citizen populous is better at reducing crime than one that is not.

    86 percent feel the currently proposed legislation would have no effect or a negative effect on improving officer safety
    Similarly, 92 percent feel that banning semi-automatic firearms, or “assault weapons,” would have no effect or a negative effect on reducing violent crime

    Demonstrating the opinion that the best way to combat gun crime is through harsher punishment, 91 percent said the use of a firearm while perpetrating a crime should lead to a stiff, mandatory sentence with no plea bargains. Likewise, 59 percent believe increasing punishment severity for unlicensed dealers would reduce crime

    Respondents were more split on background checks, with 31 percent agreeing that mental health background checks in all gun sales would help reduce mass shootings, while 45 percent disagreed

    71 percent support law enforcement leaders who have publicly refused to enforce more restrictive gun laws within their jurisdictions

    82 percent believe gun buyback or turn-in programs are ineffective in reducing the level of gun violence

    91 percent support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or have not been deemed psychologically incapable

    Likewise, 80 percent feel that legally-armed citizens would likely have reduced the number of casualties in recent mass shooting incidents

    38 percent believe the biggest cause of gun violence in the United States is the “decline in parenting and family values”. This was trailed by “overly lax parole and short sentencing standards” at 15 percent and “pop culture influence” (eg. violent movies and video games) at 14 percent

All of the people in the poll were individually verified to be actual law enforcement professionals.

Personally I believe the people that defend our streets like the police over the feds any day of the week because they are in the thick of it. If they say the bills in congress are bogus people really should listen up.
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