Connection between 911 and 2012

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Connection between 911 and 2012

Postby EyesWideOpen » Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:37 am

My theory of Why the US Carried Out the False Flag Ops of 911
Connection Between 911 and 2012
Since 9/11 I have been in denial about any conspiracies on the part of our government in connection with the events of that day. But after the shock wore off I started examining the stories in more detail. After looking at the footage of the events at the Pentagon I came to realize that this was a hoax. There was no plane crash at the Pentagon. Since then I keep my “Eyes Wide Open”

I love my country. I gave it three years of my life during the Vietnam War era. But after watching a video of a three-year independent investigation into the attack on the Pentagon I had to face, what in my opinion is a fact, that the events which took place at the Pentagon was a false flag operation carried out by our own government. Now I had to ask myself does this include all of the events on 9/11. The answer I came up with was yes! But the bigger question was why!!
Sounds so much like Pearl Harbor! The government needed to somehow change public opinion to get the United States into World War II. So off to war we go to face-off against Hitler's Germany and the Empire of Japan. What were the stakes? We could lose a few thousand sailors and civilians plus most of our fleet of battleships and destroyers anchored in Pearl Harbor. Our vital aircraft carriers just happen to be out on maneuvers. Was that luck or did we have prior knowledge of the attack?
Now let's weigh that against what might have happened if we never entered the war. Without our help all of Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa may have been in Hitler's hands. On the other side of the world the Japanese Empire may have included all of Indonesia the Far East including China. Now to me those are some very very high-stakes. As powerful as the United States was during that era I find it very hard to believe that we could have defeated both of these now superpowers alone. So looking at this scenario I would have to say that we really had no choice but to sacrifice Pearl Harbor.
Now let's fast-forward to just before 9/11. What was at stake here? Yes there was terrorism all around the world we had a few pain in the butt dictators but our biggest problem the USSR was now a nonfactor and so was China (at the time). The oil fields of the Middle East? No we took care of that during the Gulf War. Well maybe we still had some unfinished business with Saddam Hussein. Or what about that the economy needed a boost and all the bigwigs needed to capitalize on the war to make their millions of dollars. But all of this does not add up to the terrifying events of 9/11.
What in the hell is worth the loss of all those innocent souls plus the millions and billions of taxpayer money it cost to re-build what we destroyed?
I am just a regular guy with no formal education but I have enough of a brain to see when things just don't add up. So in my opinion. Let me say that again. In my opinion there was something inside the country of Iraq that we felt was worth all the sacrifices of 9/11. So we invaded Iraq under the pretense of stamping out the terrorists being harbored by the government of Iraq. Plus we knew that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Well as it turns out we never found one. But we had teams searching all over Iraq. So what the hell were we looking for?
Let's go back to World War II and Hitler for just one moment. It is a fact that Hitler believed in ancient aliens. And that there were ancient texts scattered throughout the world that explains their advanced technology. So he sent expeditions throughout the world looking for this technology. And as we now know he must've found some of what he was looking for. Hitler had all types of rocket and jet engines which he used to make the V1 and V2 rockets or missiles and fighter planes powered by jet engines. Luckily for us he was not able to mass produce either of these two advanced technology weapons. The race was now on between the United States and Russia for all the German scientists. As we all know those scientists whom we grabbed out of Germany are the scientist which started our missile program and subsequently the ability for us to land on the moon and continue exploring our solar system.
So now, could it be that what we were looking for in side of Iraq were similar technologies left behind by ancient aliens? In my opinion the answer is yes! What is the single most important resource needed throughout the world? A free limit less supply of clean energy! No more fossil fuels polluting the atmosphere. What is the source of power? I believe that what we were looking for and made all these sacrifices for was one of the “Crystal Skull's”.
According to Don Carlos Barrios, an expert on the Mayan calendar, member of the Council of Mayan elders and world Council of Mayan elders, there are 29 original Crystal skulls on earth. And when everything is in alignment with the Galactic center, all 29 Crystal skulls will be brought together at an undisclosed location where a sacred Mayan ceremony will be performed. It is believed that these skulls would then turn into some sort of device that would bring in the cosmic energy source that could be used in place of the fossil fuels we use today to power our homes, vehicles, ships, planes and everything else that depends on fossil fuels today. Don Carlos said that this ritual ceremony needed to be performed on a lake that had a small island in the middle. He was asked the name of the lake. He could not answer that. He was then asked if he could tell us in what country this lake was found. He answered-the United States of America! Why the United States? These skulls would be the most valuable objects the world has ever known. They will end life as we know it here on earth! And because of that they would need to be protected by the most powerful country on earth! The United States will also be charged with developing a global grid for this free energy to be used by every single person on earth. Do you see any problem developing here? What if the wealthy 1% want to harness this energy as a way to profit from it? This would cause the whole world to turn against us. Hopefully those of us in the United States who are not part of the 1% or 10% would also revolt against these profiteers. It may turn out that with all the power these people have amassed the may not be defeat able. That would mean that we would be slaves and they would be masters of earth! But hold on here. These skulls were left here by the ancient aliens to provide us with a technology that would help us save mother Earth. These aliens have been monitoring us for countless thousands and thousands of years. They would not allow the powerful to enslave the meek. They would make sure that the meek inherit the earth!! And with that would come a worldwide consciousness of respect and love for one another.
I love my country so much that I am going to give them the benefit of a doubt. And my doubt is that they knew of the Crystal skulls and what needed to be done to secure them, even having to stage the events of 9/11 to accomplish their mission. I feel that sometime in the near future the truth will be told. And the burden of carrying the conspiracy theories involving all of the events of 9/11 will be lifted off our shoulders and once again we will be proud of being citizens of the greatest country in the world.
God bless the United States of America!

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Re: Connection between 911 and 2012

Postby ernies » Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:24 pm

Nice post about 2012 and 9/11, it brought up alot of things I never thought about. A long but interesting read, thanks for posting.
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Re: Connection between 911 and 2012

Postby Amelia » Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:33 pm

It is an interesting read, indeed. I didn't expect to read what I did. I never would have pieced that together. Food for thought. I like the tie in with WWII. Thaks for the share.
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Re: Connection between 911 and 2012

Postby Nadyenka » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:13 pm

My only objection is you seem to believe the aliens are friendly. They aren't. None of this will turn out good for the common man. The NWO will finally completely take control and everything will go to Hell in a handbasket. We are on the way. The government has been selling us out to the aliens for over 70 years now in exchange for their technology. :?
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Re: Connection between 911 and 2012

Postby loftsc » Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:57 am

Yeah I'm not so sure that some aliens want a blissful earth. I dont think they mind helping us (to benefit themselves)from time to time,but to think they would go into bat for the weak and helpless is a bit of a a stretch.They R standing by while certain powerful families monopolise our planet for there own greed and wealth. If the Us govt was in anyway involved or even knew about it before hand then we as a society R fubar!!!
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