The Plausibility of Alien Life

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The Plausibility of Alien Life

Postby desertofwater » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:30 am

Is it plausible that alien life could travel to Earth? Yes.

It is plausible that alien life would travel to Earth? No. There is nothing particularly distinctive about our 3rd rock from a rather ordinary star that would attract alien life here. About the only thing Earth has to distinguish itself from even the other planets in our solar system is our production of radio waves. Since this production has been ongoing for around 100 years or so, there's nothing to attract any alien civilization that's more than 100 light years away.

It is plausible that alien life has traveled to Earth? (I'm addressing this point only in the interests of thoroughness. I'm fairly confident that you don't ascribe to this idea.) There's not a single bit of verifiable evidence that it has and, given what I said in the immediately preceding paragraph, good reason not to believe it has.
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Re: The Plausibility of Alien Life

Postby blupa » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:24 pm

Yeah I think if there really are Aliens out there they wouldn't come to earth unless they have some mad craven for a McDonald's 5trr
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Re: The Plausibility of Alien Life

Postby dukychik1961 » Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:12 pm

For sure, who doesn't love it when they rerelease the McRib, and how about the greatest fast food chicken sandwich of all time, the McChicken. In my humble opinion, of course. I used to also believe there was no such thing as so-called aliens from outer space visiting our planet. I only believe what I can see with my own eyes. Now I have seen something with my own eyes. Alien? I'm convinced it was. So therefore, to me it's plausible. Why would they choose to? Who knows. I sure don't.
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Re: The Plausibility of Alien Life

Postby jen157 » Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:22 pm

I would say that they have. There have been thousands and thousands of sightings since the beginning of man kind.

You say that there is no reason to come here but there are plenty. We are constantly looking for life on other planets and are exploring them everyday and who's to say that they aren't doing the same thing? We have water, air and lots of minerals that would be useful for many civilizations. There for I think there are plenty of reasons to come here.

As for proof. That is a hard one. If there is any "physical proof" it's being withheld from us by Governments around the world and possibly other organizations.
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Re: The Plausibility of Alien Life

Postby viperone » Thu May 16, 2013 7:24 pm

Sure its possible but something simple life in the nearest 1000 stars out to 29 lightyears. Of 1200 or so planets about 120 are in a habital zone. We are too far away to study if they even have atmospheres. We predict a planet at these vast distances by star wobble then verify by a difference in light as a object crosses its star. The nearest star has no habital planets at 4.5 lightyears at speeds we can obtain 60,000 mph about 13 miles a second equal 73,000 years one way. Something at 29 lightyears is beyond any travel plans its a one way trip that you cant outlive. There are criteria to meet or speeds are too slow.
Radation; any astronaut on a multiyear mission has to endure 200 Millirem daily with spikes to over 400 Millirem and thats lethal. Your astronaut would die of radation long before any mission could be completed.
Air water food fuel and you need a ship as big as a planet to reach another star. If UFOs come here its a one way mission with their own world moving away at speed they couldnt get back in a lifetime.
Planets that we detect dont have anything yet as a world like ours "with water and atmosphere". The incomprehensible distances will keep aliens away unless they can tolerate the deiseses and viruses of everything unique to the earth. They couldnt come here and tolerate our biosphere its mix of gas and oxygen. Any other world would have its own uniques biosphere completely different that ours.

Heres the other side of the coin:

The early earth was sterile world liquid rock with no atmosphere. All life came from somewhere else and the only place is space. Take for instance grasses they replicate by seeds or rhizones the live plant. Grasses are older than any other life on the land. Ever wonder where the heck did there grasses of the temperate climates get there. Space somehow the grasses came here. As for humans we are too smart too fast to be explained by evolution and modern man can only be dated back 14000 years along with neanderthals, they went extinct but lived through a ice age. Modern man didnt die out and he looks nothing like our ape like near humans more apes than human and lived 3 million years ago. In the last 10000 years man the builder and altered the planet to his uses in 7000 years. There had to be something that directed man to be a builder or truely immpresive magnitude. I cant belive a alien race would come to a warring, occupied planet, why come here? If they could come here they could go anywhere else a lot closer to their own home world.
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