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Area 52

Postby alienreporter » Mon Aug 11, 2014 3:41 am

Area 51, Area 52. These are actually official top secret areas in the Nevada country in the US.

It is most known that in Area 51 aliens are being tested on, UFOs created etc.

But according to some, Area 51 is just a cover-up area for area 52. They say that area 51 also makes UFOs, but UFOs which can be explained by today's technology. In Area 52 they make the real things. Test with/on aliens, make UFOs, fly them etc etc.

But i think that UFOs are made in Area 52 and sent in area 51 for testing.

Is there anyone here who has any more info?

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Re: Area 52

Postby Quanjang » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:33 am

As I understand , there is no area 52. The foreign technology division at Wright Patterson AFB. was the repository for recovered items and major research for the shadow govt. It may have been moved to a more secre location at a DUMB (underground base)
in the 1990's. It is reported that research is taking place at multiple locations today.
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