Lights over tyrone Twp MI

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Lights over tyrone Twp MI

Postby DrDemonic » Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:10 am

I live in a modular home park in tyrone twp. michigan. I have lived here for about seven months, and in these seven months I have experienced several UFO sightings. This post is going to be long try to read through all of it and tell me what you think.

Sighting one:

About two weeks after moving into my new home, I had my first experience. It was about 11:00 pm. I was standing on my deck, just outside my house. I noticed a large glowing light in the sky south-east from where I was standing. It seemed too bright to be a star, but it wasn't moving and there was no sound emanating from it. After several minutes it began to change colors. Shortly after that it began to sway back and forth. About fifteen minutes in, it slowly moved back into the position that it was in when I first noticed it. It then shot straight up, sat for a couple of seconds, and then vanished.

Sighting two:

A couple of nights after my first sighting I was sitting out on my deck again. I noticed another bright light directly east of my house. This one, though, was glowing orange. After the first sighting I dug through some boxes of stuff that hadn't been unpacked yet and found some hi-powered binoculars that I had. These things are not the equivalent of a telescope or anything, but they are pretty powerful. I ran in the house and grabbed the binoculars. When I came back out, measuring with my hands, the orb had moved about a foot. I am not sure exactly how much distance that would be considering the distance and latitude of the orb. I lifted the binoculars and found the orb through the lenses. I was startled to say the least when I focused in on the object. When I cranked the knob on the things, switching it to full modification. I could completely make out the shape of the object. It was a large orange light, triangular in shape. After a while it just slowly moved out of sight.

Sighting Three:

About two weeks later, again on my deck, I noticed a light that was so high up in the sky, I had initially thought that it could only be a star. The odd thing about this was it began moving in what seemed like random directions. It just shot from side to side, up and down, zig zagging ferociously. I watched it for a good five minutes. Then it was just gone. It kinda just faded out of the sky.

Sighting Four:

This was the creepiest one of all for me. It was about five thirty in the morning. I stayed up late working on some stuff and had completely lost track of time. When I realized what time it was, I decided I best be heading to bed. So, I decided to go smoke a cigarette and then hit the sheets. I walked out on to my deck facing east. As I lit my cig, I turned to face north, to face away from the wind. When I brought my head up from lighting my cig, there it was. A perfectly circular object, with white and red lights alternating around it. It couldn't have been more than a mile away from my location, and a mile off of the ground. I completely froze, just watching this thing for a good minute. It never moved. Finally I snapped out of it. I ran into my house and woke my wife up. I was shaking so badly I could hardly explain to her what was happening. It took me less than a minute to get from where I was on my deck, into the house, and back out on to the deck with my wife, and there was nothing in the sky anywhere. It was just gone.

Sighting Five:

About three weeks ago I pretty much saw the same thing as sighting four. This time it was about 10:00 at night. Me and my wife were both sitting out on my deck smoking a cig. I was sitting facing north facing the trailers across the street from mine. She was also, but she was sitting on the steps, meaning she could only see north. The house was blocking her view to the west. Coming from the north west, I noticed the same strange thing I had seen just a couple of weeks before. It seemed to be about the same distance away, but a little lower to the ground. My wife couldn't see it from where she was sitting, and of course she didn't fully believe me, so she was hesitant to stand and walk to where I was to see it. Finally I yelled at her, telling her to stand up and come to where I was standing quickly. What creeped me out about this particular sighting, was that when I yelled at my wife to get up, the object changed directions. It was moving from west to east. When I yelled it began to descend rapidly. By the time she got to where I was, it was out of sight. Maybe it landed?

Sighting Six:

Last night me, my wife, and a friend of ours were standing out on our deck (once again). We were talking about something and I began to pace the length of the deck. I walked north, to the top of the deck, turned and proceeded to the south end of the deck. I noticed directly south of my house, a bright white light in the sky. It was completely stationary. I knew though, that this was way to bright to a star. I stopped the conversation abruptly and made my wife and our friend turn their attention to the light. Shortly thereafter, the light began to move slowly through the sky. It was heading east. It went out about, at that distance I would have to guess three to four miles. While it was moving east I managed to snap two pictures. It then abruptly changed its direction and began to head north. At this point it was pretty close to us. Close enough that I could see the same lights that I had seen in both sighting four and five. At this point, I lifted the camera again trying to capture exactly what this thing was. To my disappointment, the object would no longer appear in the view finder of the camera, nor would it take pictures when I hit the button. It moved slowly past us, and I would say after it was about a mile north of us, it rapidly gained speed. Then it did what it always does. It began to descend into the same area that it has descended every single time I have seen it.

Please tell me what you think. I have a lot more stuff to post about this crazy little hick town that I live in, but I'll post them one at a time.
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Re: Lights over tyrone Twp MI

Postby zibom » Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:46 pm

Pretty interesting, especially the camera bit.

The lights are interesting but why do they keep visiting the same spot. Can you provide a Google Earth location to where you think they are landing or hovering? Although Google Earth images are about 4 years behind it could give you some clues into what the hot spot is. Find your house then search east? If its farm land what type of cattle etc... Any air traffic reports that your aware off? From time to time listen into local air traffic in your area around the peak hours of sightings (sounds like 10:00 - 1:00). If you don't have a scanner try atclive dot net might be an option for your area. If your lucky you might pick up private pilot chatter talking about the lights or might even explain them.

Just some ideas.
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Re: Lights over tyrone Twp MI

Postby Believer » Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:43 am

That's really cool!!!
I was just wondering where you live? State, city, province, etc.... If it's one of the world's hotspots like Texas or something, maybe you can see if there were any other encounters of that sort in your area. Also, you can ask around and see if anyone else encountered that object at any time, and if so, perhaps it was at the same time and same day. That would verify your claims.
Anyway, just a few suggestions and if you have another sighting be sure to tell me!! 6r53gu
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