Immortal Spiritual Beings - IS-BE or GOOD description

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Immortal Spiritual Beings - IS-BE or GOOD description

Postby desertofwater » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:43 am

Humans are IS-BE's as well, often without realizing it. Often, people imagine a thing of daily life that they'd like to have, and suddenly, it exists. It's because their minds chose to be on a reality cursor that travels into the reality where that object exists. Seth talks about that alot, how our minds choose direction. That's also why praying works and other things that involve focusing the mind on something particular. When mind creates matter, then everything is possible. Seth said that our type of consciousness is what makes us different from the other animals. He also mentioned that we have been created by a civilization that once lived on Earth but has long departed, which he called the Lumanians (sounds like Latin for "the enlightened"). He said that the Lumanians were able to direct sound waves in the same manner that we treat electricity. He also said that their scripture involved colored pictures that could convey a lot of information to them. Their minds were much different from ours.
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Re: Immortal Spiritual Beings - IS-BE or GOOD description

Postby Alien UFO Research » Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:42 pm

I often have thought about how if you think it, it will happen. This is a pretty common idea even in today's world of physiology and medicine. The mind is extremely powerful and if you think about something hard enough, often it does happen. It goes both ways though if your a negative person then you surround yourself with negative energy and it will show.
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