what is comet Hale-bopps message?

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what is comet Hale-bopps message?

Postby Arcturian_blue » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:43 pm

Hello :)
So I was looking up astronomy events around the time of my birth day (april 7th 1997) and found some interesting things about comet hale-bopp.
Well I've heard a lot about the "heavens gate" cult, who strongly believed in ETs. I think they believed some "alien ship" was following hale-bopp. This is interesting to me because I have a lot of contact with other ETs, and I have a strong feeling this comet is somehow related. I know on my birthday there was also a gama ray burst. I know I am arcturian, and a "white draco being" has been constantly following me. I am good friends with some Andromedans and Grey beings :)
Was the "white draco being (s)" following this comet?
Was this comet some sort of message? From who?
Any other thoughts?

Thank you :)
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Re: what is comet Hale-bopps message?

Postby jen157 » Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:02 pm

OOOh that is interesting. I remember this comet back then.

Some facts about the Hale-bobbs comet. NASA LINK

Earth Closest Approach: March 22, 1997 (1.315 AU)
Sun Closest Approach: April 1, 1997 03:14 UT (0.914 AU)
1 AU = 93 Million Miles = 150 Million Kilometers


Heavens gate was a pretty large group that got a lot of attention from this. I forget how it all played out though. Did they end up killing themselves?

Pretty interesting theory you have there. I do believe that there may be hybrid aliens on Earth, but I've never thought about something like this. If you were born right around the time this supposed alien ship was following the comet there could be a connection. Although it would be more probable if you were conceived at the same time as the comet came by Earth.
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