Jinn-reptoids-extraterrestrials in islam

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Jinn-reptoids-extraterrestrials in islam

Postby jia » Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:52 pm

Away from the stream of thoughts which rejects religions,or consider that the religions were existed by aliens to manipulate nations throughout history. I think that they are misguided and there must be a supreme power managing the universe, that was mentioned in the three heavenly religions, judaism christianity and islame. As for me im a moderate muslem who had had an institutional religious education in Alazhar university, they taught us how the moderate islam admitted the extraterrestrials and Jinn existence, yes , there is a big difference between the common belief and the reality. Extaterrestrials and Jinn were mentioned in the holy Koraan many times and that let us know some important scientific facts that have been discovered lately, Jinn who are living amongest us in a parallele dimension,the fifth dimension, the material they were created from is the somkless fire but they can manifest in a particular shape, they also can alter their vibrational frequency to shift their shape and they inhipit the areas which is uninhipited by humans.apparently the reptoids dont mind to be taken for jinn as a part of there manipulation and due to the lacke of awarness there are alot of people who think they are possessed by jinn or dimons and seek exorcism . We can conclude that both of jinn and aliens \reptoids are paranormal beings who possesss a paranormal apilities that unsusceptible to our physical rules so that they cannot be proofed by our common scientific attempts and we MUST posses another scientific method to get to know them better . The following verse is one of many verses in the Holy Koraan that admitted the existence of extraterrestrials

[and among his signs the creation of heavens and the earth and of whatever living creatures he has spread forth in both and he has the power to gather them together whenever he pleases ] 29 Elshoura
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Re: Jinn-reptoids-extraterrestrials in islam

Postby Alien UFO Research » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:47 pm

I have to be honest, I know nothing of of Islam other than the very basics. This seems very interesting to me but I need further information on the subject.

Are the Jinn good or evil in Islam? When you say that the university said that extraterrestrials were real what did they mean by that exactly?
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