They are coming.

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They are coming.

Postby alienreporter » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:54 am

I have joined this forum by some time ago. But he're my story that began 10 months ago....

It was a sunny weekday and my class had physics. One of my friends told me:"Let's make a perpetual motion machine"
I was like: "OK"
We told the teacher and everything went well. I was working like edison, without math, just doing designs that might work.
After a few fails i saw a video on youtube. It inspired me. It was working on a simple way and it was using for an example 10 watts, but returned 8.47 watts.
It was in a loss of electric energy. At first i thought it's impossible. They way he said would work. Then i was like: "If stupid people don't think, i will!"
I was only 13 and half years old. I redesigned the whole machine and added 2 more wings. I really had no idea in electrical engineering and physics, but something was telling me it will work. Some unknown force was pushing me towards the machine. I really wanted to do it.
I spent a lot of time investigating other kinds of perpetual motion machines on the WWW. There were a lot of fake ones. But i still knew such machine exists.

9 months ago....
I started connecting math with the machine. The final result was at least 3 wings which would return 169.4% in DC and 162.4% in AC. 100% goes back to refueling the first motor, so little bit more than 60% free energy. If the motor is 20kW, 12 kW free.
But i also calculated the cost, it was 150$. I was disappointed.

But Thursday, 17 April 8:49 PM, i was playing with two "useless" magnets. I couldn't have better idea. The price reduced to less than 15$. Energy percentage? Same.
But instead of using 12 magnets (for 3 winged) this would use 3 instead. But i recalculated and i found out that the 4 winged one is better.
Since i did this discovery, something weird happens. I used to tell to people about it, but my youtube comments were disappearing mysteriously.

They are coming for me.
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