UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry

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UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry

Postby Alien UFO Research » Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:30 pm

UFOs and Government
A Historical Inquiry

The new book UFOs and Government is an in depth look into Governments around the world and how they deal with UFOs. The book is primarily from the Governments point of view which is a fresh take on the UFO phenomenon.

The book starts off talking about what WWII pilots called Foo Fighters. During the war many pilots reported seeing balls of light follow them around and maneuvering at great speeds unlike anything anyone has every seen. The book then goes into how President Truman of the U.S. asked the CIA to look into UFO sightings around the country and figure out what to do about them and if they were a threat to national security.

The book also talks about countries that are still currently investigating UFOs like France's GEIPAN which is part of their space program and lists their findings on their site.

If anyone has read it let us know what you think.
UFOs and Government - Interview with co-author Robert Powell


Some reviews from Amazon:

This is easily one of the top five books about the highly controversial subject of UFOs. Written by a team of scholars, it describes the convoluted story of the the U.S. Government's involvement with unexplained and often unexplainable observations of what appear to have been solid, structured objects having off-the-scale performance. Moreover, it attempts to explain the behavior of government officials caught between the needs of so-called national security and the individual's right to know what is going on. The authors do not hesitate to admit to having insufficient information to deal properly with what appears to most people to be an obvious conclusion. They have not set out to answer the big questions (what are they? where do they come from? what are they doing here?) but state only what they can support with facts. This is truly a breath of fresh air.

"UFOs and Government" is a refreshing departure from the speculative books that one usually sees on this topic. This book is a meticulously researched work of history that shows the very real and all-too human response of governments to the problem of UFOs. As with most works of history, the actual story is far more compelling than any fictional account. "UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry" covers the treatment of UFOs by european countries, Australia and The United States.
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