Explaining gravity and antigravity

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Explaining gravity and antigravity

Postby alienreporter » Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:25 pm

If you went 1500 years into the past and asked what keeps us at the ground, they'd tell you nothing. If you did the same, but 1000 years in the past, the answer would be the same. But 500 years ago people would say god is what's keeping us down. while 300 years in the past, some would say, eh , gravity is.

Gravity was officially discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. But he did not say what created it.

According to the theory of relativity, gravity is the result of spacetime bending and it is equal to the mass times acceleration.
But ask any engineer, or physicist what gives or what creates gravity, and he would either shut his mouth or say he has no idea.

Well it's not gravitons or w/e that physicists were telling that creates gravity. It is heat. Pure heat we use everyday.

It all began when i watched the disclosure movie Sirius. Some engineers were doing antigravity tests and they made success. They succeed to lower the mass of a rotating disk which contained magnets by 7%, which is amazing.

So magnetism could be directly connected to antigravity. But what else?
Well magnetism is connected to coldness, to cold things. Doesn't matter if the temperature is -273,15 degrees Celsius, magnetic fields will still exist.
gravity-???- and the opposite of coldness is heat.

But this still doesn't connect it all, thought it does show some stuff.
Potential energy violated energy conservation, because when you drop a ball, energy is being created until it hits the ground. When it does, energy is destroyed.
Mechanical and potential energy are connected, mechanical and thermal are too. Therefore potential and thermal energy are directly connected.

So the missing piece of the puzzle is thermal energy or heat. Heat created gravity. But i can't say this without proof. So i managed to gather a lot of evidence in less than 2 days.

The sun uses it's gravitational/heat field to make fusion between it's hydrogen atoms. Here on earth we do it with a lot of heat. Direct connection.
I've seen a video today on youtube (Titled:" Ten scary future weapons of war" by AllTime10s) which contained one strange weapon.
The military used magnetic fields on a certain area, in fact on an object to control molten metal. Basically lift it in the air using electricity. Heat and magnetism again.

But this is just evidence. To have complete explanation, we have to go way back in time, in the beginning of time, when the big band happened.
Just after the explosion, where were no suns and planets immediately. There were lonely atoms flowing in space. When two atoms struck each other they created friction. After all the theory of electrons is the opposite of the theory of gravity (electrons repel each other, so you don't touch things, you feel the resistance. If so, gravity wouldn't exist). So after they created friction, they had heat. When one of the atoms touched another, they connected, just like when you melt two iron needles or two pieces of iron. They were two at first, by later, one piece. So after few atoms were connected, the first atom was on the center. At one point it gathered too much atoms that is became self sustainable heat energy source which is infinite and will last forever (don't tell physicists tell you otherwise, earth's core does not cool down).

But if i present my theory (which I'm sure is correct) to the scientific community, they'll say it violates energy conservation. But energy conservation is a made up law only to discourage freedom in the world.

I hope you understand what i mean.
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