I have seen something crash !

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I have seen something crash !

Postby 6thSense » Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:45 am

At 05.10.2011y. around 21 or 22h. I saw pulsing sphere of light near Sofia Bulgaria falling from the sky in vertical movement right down to the earth and when I thought it will hit the ground, right before it reaches it splits on two parts and the smaller part of this object went faster to the ground, then the lights disappeared ! If that was an meteor it should go in direction not falling vertical to the ground, if that was a falling star it should flash in the sky not falling to the ground, the fact the lights went off when it splits on two parts makes me think something went wrong with the electricity or the power that object had. I dont have any other explanation than maybe this was an Alien spaceship crash because if that was a plane everybody in Bulgaria would know already and I dont have any other explanation for this event. One of my colleges at my work saw it too but he said he saw it in the final moment when it splits. When it was falling down to earth direction vertical falling movement it had a tail of light after the object like it was burning. I am sorry for my bad English language but that was something once in a life time :) I have my UFO sight a year ago and I know it was an UFO, but that was something different and pretty strange, I`m 100% sure something crashed and it was not a plane, or a meteor, or a comet in any way .. it was falling right down to earth in vertical direction.
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Re: I have seen something crash !

Postby Alien UFO Research » Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:08 pm

Well the only thing I can think of that it may have been if it wasn't an alien craft would be a some kind of space debris falling to Earth and while it was falling it hit something in the air and split. Since it would be burning hot while going through the atmosphere, when it hit something that created the light you saw and then fell to the ground.

I just looked up to see if anything like that happened during that date and place but couldn't find anything. If it was a meteor or space junk there would have been an article somewhere. Kind of weird...

It may have been something out of this world then or maybe a secret Government project. Hard to say. To bad you couldn't have tried to find the crash site.
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