I moved away and I think something followed me.

We would all love to hear what you have seen or encountered. Let it all spill out whether you saw a UFO an Alien or big foot.

Re: I moved away and I think something followed me.

Postby 6thSense » Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:58 pm

Alula20 wrote:As some of you may know I used to live in a trailer and I had a theory that it was haunted.Well I've moved to my aunt's house and yet weird things still happen. Two weeks ago it sounded like someone was running upstairs and closing doors. well the only person who sleeps upstairs was asleep and trust me I fake sleep a lot so I know when someone is sleeping or not. Anyway when I checked there was no one up there but them. could anyone tell me what is going on it's a little strange that I've had experiences in two places now.

I think you should get your sleep, relax and even when you hear something, it could be some furniture changing shape because of the temperature changes, or a wind moving, electricity problems, or aliens, ghosts - I dont know but the more you let this to be more important than you the worse. Be more important than those events, or paranormal activities. Dont let them guide you - you guide them and the more you let those think about them the bigger power you give them. Turn less attention on those and they will be less important an weaker to you. I dont know if I am right but I love to have the control over those events around me and I know the more I think about them, the stronger they get !
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