I have a question about a feeling I get.

We would all love to hear what you have seen or encountered. Let it all spill out whether you saw a UFO an Alien or big foot.

Re: I have a question about a feeling I get.

Postby AmberEnergy » Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:57 am

Ive been searching so long across the internet for someone who might be experiencing the same thing! Hello im amber, i have experienced something similar to your experience twice now. I have studied everything it could be from abduction to sleep paralysis to sleep walking and still am not sure what the hell went on. Please read this and tell me if any of it is similar to you. The first time was fall of last year, 2010, i just layed down to go to bed and im not sure if i fell asleep or not but i definatly wake up, it is important to note my light is off, now its strange because when i woke up i couldnt move at all (i know for a fact my experiences are not sleep paralysis by study it is not like somethings on top of me and i can breath fine. Also..i start moving) i was on my side only able to move my eyes, i get a very frightening feeling i cant explain when all of th sudden im standing next to my bed, really disoriented in sort of a daze but not in dream mode. Im completly calm though not scared anymore. Which i should have been because i was just standing there staring at the corner of my door and wall at this...big shadow. It was not paranormal and had no human shape therefore not sleep paralysis. It was just the size of me maybe a few inches taller, im 5"3, And just a big mass of darkness, but i wasnt scared at all it seemed like i was interacting with it for some reason because what happend next was crazy, i was just staring at it in a daze then it lifted an um arm but like it had no shape it just seemed to reach out to me and i with no hesitation reach out to it as if to take its hand. Then i just faint. It wasnt like falling in a dream becauze you wake up when you hit the ground i have fainted in real life and this is exactly what it was. I felt the side if my head land on the clothing and my carpet that i remembered and could easily make out which is a reason why i know i wasnt dreaming also my light was off as before. Then i shoot up in bed. Im back in bed completly awake and confused. I feel like i was just doing something and could remember all of that perfectly. I was scared again having no way to compare time. I just went to sleep. The next time it happend was the most frightening thing because i was for a fact not dreaming and for a fact not sleep paralysis. I was laying trying to sleep and my light was on but dimmed (most nights now i sleep with my light on). I am trying to fall asleep but i get this feeling, similar to your vinbrating feeling, and no joke in my head i thought its going to happen, it is happening again. I often sleep in my sisters room which is right next to mine and felt the overwelming need to get the hell to her room. I am a paraniod person anx felt like something was right outside my window which is right next to my bed but its weird because i am on the second story. Then it happend, i was on my back and couldnt move, i was terrified but more angry ( i never really get angry, i am a very peaceful person) but i got very pissed off and i could move my eyes only and was staring at my door my door handle just yearning to get the hell out. Then out of nowhere but with a lot of strength ( this whole time i had to struggle to control my body) i just get up and walk to my door to leave to my sisters i did this really quick i was still scared. Now it gets crazy. Please remembr i am not dreaming, i am a regular lucid dreamer and know what and when and where im dreaming, i knew the pajamas i was wearing and that my light was on and dimmed like before. No blurred vision either. Well i get to trying, yes trying, to open my door but just as my hand reaches the handle it starts tweaking out thats the only way i can describe it, i was struggling so hard to just grab the door handle but couldnt, as this went on i increasingly got angry, enough to start crying but i couldnt there were just no tears. Then while my hand was shaking back and fourth my head started doing the same thing and just idk just shaking like i was saying no i was just tweaking out then out of nowhere i an about three steps to my left in front of my dresser and it feels like im spinning in circles i really don know how to describe it but i was struggling and. Oncentrating so hard to just control my own body. But finally i do i am standing with much effort with my back to the door and my left side to ny bed and window. I am very disorientex again but happy to have control... Then i get frightend beyond beleif again thats something is at my window and i have to look like how you jump when suprised and look in that direction. But when i looked ( which was extremly difficult) the darkness overcomes me lik it juat obscurrd my left side vision and i felt faint again only this is all i remember. I woke up in the morning fine but immedietly asked my sister if i went in her room and she said no but i know you went to bed after me because you were awake and moving around, then i told her everything. The reason i believe it is extraterretial is that i and all my close friend including my sister and her boyfriend and my boyfriend have been seeing ufos for monthes, since August 2010, it is now April. It started with the amber/orange orbs then thr scary orange big triangles. We have seen red ones and big ass zparkly ones but never have had an abduction encounter. that we know of at least. I am worried because in research i have discovered that increased sightings over a period of time can result in abduction. I havnt ever thought about the Et and ufo phenomenon so much in my life until that night in August when an orb visited my sister. I will probably be posting each sighting in detail a little later but for now i feel i could relatr my sleeping stories to you. The only other explanation is sleep walking i suppose. May peace and harmony be with you, bye.
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Re: I have a question about a feeling I get.

Postby jen157 » Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:07 pm

Please do post each encounter if you have time. I would love to read about them.
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Re: I have a question about a feeling I get.

Postby Nadyenka » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:01 pm

Fascinating! Please do write about your sightings. My husband and I are moving to southwestern Colorado near a place called the UFO Watchtower where people see UFO's all the time. We are investing in some equipment so we can better watch for UFO activity.
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