Are aliens real

Discussion on whether they exist, what they look like, and where there from. As well as pictures and videos of aliens.

Are aliens real

Postby MbressAP » Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:01 pm

Hi I'm a young 15 year old boy who just found this site and would like to know everything about aliens. Someone intelligent who studies aliens please help with my wondering mind because I want to know so much about them and I feel like I know none. Please respond
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Re: Are aliens real

Postby Swami » Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:56 am

Hey M,
Most people will or can fill u up with only what they understand. . The whole alien matter doesnt lie with anyone..Those who know a little bit more end up dying.anyway I m here to give u a biginning.This is my understanding.
First of all we dont know enough about ourselves , why ask about other lifeforms. Still to answer ur questions , they exist for as long as we have done. No question. At the same time the study is way too deep . For your info these entities have been mentioned in texts which are older than u can imagine. Some of our oldest known books express them clearly , only to be denied by scientists. They were there always. Where do they live is the question to be asked. That very few can answer..
Our lives are an effect of a cosmic politics , something beyond our understanding. But to tell u the truth I must say as far as I understand we as mankind are old enough to explore and cobqure most of visible space. I know thats hard to believe , but only because we dont know our own limits. We use about 14 percent of our brains.Even with that when an idea is placed into our mind we beat any lifeform in developing least on what about outside....II believe moon and mars were explored long back and by onee else...what looks like things coming towards us from outer space can be a fraction of a timeline cycle that we can imagine.....A full cycle of us humans exploring n conquering space might have already happened and what we see on earth is yet another clash of human ego , out there in space...Dont misunderstand human as a three dimensional entity....Thats not necessary. is as far as the exact truth is concerned , no one will ever provide u with that but weather et is available , yes surely they are as old as mankind, we made many of them ourselves.
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