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Documents - FBI FILES

Flying Disk Recovered by Roswell - FBI File

An FBI memo regarding the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash from 1947 that was said to be a flying saucer with aliens inside. (Read more here).

The memo states that the supposed flying saucer UFO was not alien of nature but in fact a hexagonal disk that was suspended from a large balloon which was approximately twenty feet in diameter. And of course the supposed purpose of the balloon, like so many other explanations from the Government, was for weather related experiments.

The disk and balloon were then sent to wright field for further examination because of the national interest in the case.

This goes against other statements made by the military that at first said it was a UFO and that three bodies were found inside the flying disc. Here is another FBI memo that says aliens were recovered. Also, why would they take a balloon in for further examination when they knew what it was?

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