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Documents - FBI FILES

Rash Of UFO Sightings in 1947 - Report by FBI FOIA PG 7

84 Pages

FBI UFO files of a rash of UFO sightings document bunch seven. Below the documents you will find pages of interest dealing with official UFO and flying saucer files.

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Page 3:

Two police officers receive a call on the radio about a UFO in the sky. When they arrived on the scene they found themselves looking at a large round silver object, about 10,000 feet high, travelling northeast to southwest. At first it was thought to be a weather balloon, but because of its speed which was very fast and the fact that it changed direction to south they thought differently.

During the sighting, many other people called in about the object as well saying it looked like a large silver egg.

Page 7:

Pittsburgh, PA

At a Red Cross event on November 6, 1947 I was told by Mr. Blank that the saucers reported across the country were actually from Spain. He said that the man who knew "had been ascertained by the Government in Washington, but that it was not being made known."

Page 31:

The Louisville Times article Movies Snapped of Sky Disk By Alert Times Photographer

Many have reported seeing the saucers, but it remained for Al Hixenbaugh to do something about it-with his trusty 16 mm. movie camera. He took 50 feet of film which you can see the flying disk clearly.

The object appeared motionless for about 10 seconds and then took off in the distance. This is one of the first known movies of a flying saucer caught on film and the U.S. Army is eager to get a look at it.

Page 41:

Flying Discs observed by many citizens of Phoenix, radar, and FBI personnel. At 5:45 pm on June 29 an object 30,000 to 35,000 feet in the air was seen and picked up on radar. A plane from 509th bomb group, Roswell NM was assigned to follow the object which appeared to be very large before it disappeared.

Page 43:

At 9:38 pm on July 4, 1950 Mr. Blank who is a meteorologist with United Air Lines saw a large bright silvery object moving at an approximate altitude of 10,000 feet in a north, north-westerly direction over Downers Grove. His wife also saw the UFO. He also said there was no way it was a plane or a fireworks display.

Page 54:

Supposed picture of a captured alien being. Or in this case it references a "man from Mars."


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