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Documents - FBI FILES

Rash Of UFO Sightings in 1947 - Report by FBI FOIA PG 6

129 Pages

Many FBI documents from 1947-1948 in one large file. Below these files is a breakdown of interesting and/or important files that contain references to UFOs, flying saucers, and aliens by page numbers.

If you find something of value in the files please let us know in the comment section below.

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Page 8:

Newspaper clipping of a multiple sighting of a UFO in Virginia.

These Flying Discs Are at it Again, Virginians Report.

Zounds! Says the article. Here we go again! Is it a space ship? A visitor from Mars? A Russian rocket ship? Nobody really knows. Reports are coming in from sections of Virginia and Tennesse of possible UFO sightings. Even civil aeronautics administration officials were puzzled. Witnesses said it looked like a long cigar with a bright red nose.

"It looked like a streak of fire," said a witness. It seemed to be heading straight up at great speeds before it started leveling off.

Page 17 - 18:

Sky Devil Ship Scares Pilots; Air chief Wishes He Had One

Newspaper clipping of two pilots Capt. C.S. Chiles and Copilot John Whitted UFO sighting.

Near Montgomery they both witnessed a huge "plane without wings" that was flying through the sky at about 5,000 feet. It had a large 100 foot fuselage and two rows of lighted square windows.

The Army Air Forces and U.S. Weather Bureau both said that it was most likely a weather balloon which did not match up with both pilots statements.

Page 20:

Advertisment for a flying saucer disk. "Great fun for the whole family." With instructions for flying and a game called Heckle.

Page 35:

Newspaper clipping on man that came the closest to a flying saucer, but crashed and never was able to tell his story.

The closest airman to come near a UFO was Capt. Thomas F. Mantell on Jan. 7, 1948 over Fort Knox, KY.

It was traveling at 20,000 feet and was moving up and down as fast as he was at 360 miles per hour. Unfortunately his plane went down a few minutes later when he decided to get closer to the object and pursue it and died on impact.

Page 57:

A memo to top leaders in the FBI stating that it is believed that UFOs and flying discs are actually man-made missiles rather than natural phenomenon. The last four years the USSR has been engaged in experimentation of flying discs.

The memo classified as restricted titled "Unconventional Aircraft" is being sent out to inform the type of information the Air Force is looking for in this matter.

Page 129:

Flying object sighting near Bethel Alaska by pilot. It was a July day with a completely clear sky at around 10pm and the sun had just dropped beyond the horizon. The object was immediately to his left and they made a forty-five degree turn in order to get out of the way of the object. The object was described as appearing to be some flying wing and was said to be about the size of a C-54 without any fuselage. There was no propeller or exhaust from jet propulsion nor any vapor trails. It was traveling at 1,000 feet and was traveling at 172 MPH.

He called on his radio the Civil Aeronautics Administration station at Bethel and they confirmed that there was no aircraft in the vicinity.


Using the freedom of information act in the U.S. we were able to obtain many documents from different branches of the Government and the military. Some of these declassifed files show interesting facts and research about aliens, flying saucers, and UFOs.
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