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Documents - FBI FILES

Rash Of UFO Sightings in 1947 - Report by FBI FOIA PG 5

Pages 74:

74 pages of Government FBI documents regarding flying discs and UFOs. Including memos and newspaper clippings. Below the documents you will find highlights of the internal memos and newspaper clippings.

The FBI report from page 31 through 35 is exceptionally important because pieces of a UFO craft were recovered, but were somehow not able to determine their origin.

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Page 5:

State of California. Statement given by 4144th AAFBU. 14 July, 1947

Written statment of what I saw July 8, 1947. NCO in charge of a blanked out air field. At about 9:45 I looked up and saw two flying objects that were heading in a northwestern direction at around 400 miles per hour. They were flying discs and saucer shaped also silver in color. There altitude was about 7500 feet. It couldn't be a balloon and I heard no motor.

From my personal observation the object circled in too tight of a circle to be any aircraft that I have seen.

Page 31 - 35:

On June 24 in Tacoma, Mr. Blank, a Mr. Blank and Mr. blank were cruising around Maury Island looking for broken boom logs. While near the island they saw four or five large objects in the sky at about 1500 feet. They were circular in shape and over 100 feet in diameter. They said there seemed to be a hole in the middle of the objects because you could see the sky through the hole. Also mentioned was that there seemed to be visible portholes.

The object seemed to be in some kind of trouble as debris was being tossed from one of the portholes. Some of that debris broke and fell in the boat killing a sea gull and the dog.

While investigating the incident it was found that the damage to the boat was confirmed and that there were fragments of the ship found in the boat. These fragments were sent to Chicago University which failed to analyze the fragments.


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