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Documents - FBI FILES

Rash Of UFO Sightings in 1947 - Report by FBI FOIA PG 2

79 pages of documents from the FBI that mention flying saucers and UFOs. Under the documents at the bottom of the page you will find short excerpts of some of the more interesting pages.

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Page 5:
Talk of the Roswell UFO crash and how it was in fact a weather balloon. These statements don't quite match up with others though. They never really got their stories strait. Even in this memo it states that it's just an everyday weather balloon, but they transported it to wright field for further examination. Why would they investigate a weather balloon at a military base?

Page 18:
Newspaper clipping titled Seen in 36 States; Jet Fighters Alerted that deals with UFO saucer sightings in the Northwest.

Military aircraft were deployed with photographic equipment and searched the skys over Pacific Coast states looking for flying saucers that were being reported for 12 days by many witnesses, the most reputable being aircraft pilots. Many other news articles follow.

Page 69:
Office Memorandum to the Director of the FBI September 2, 1947.

Principal source of informations name has been removed. Mr. BLANKED OUT the Executive Director of the BLANKED OUT said that he and his wife and another blanked out neighbor were outside on their porch at around 9:30pm on August 19, 1947 when they saw "an object traveling at a terrific speed."

Approximately ten minutes after the sighting all three of them witnessed similar objects rapidly flying in around the same direction in the form of a triangle. After that there were three more and then five or six more all proceeding in the same direction.

After calling the Twin Falls local police department, three officers on the scene observed 12 UFOs fly overhead.

The detective and the other witnesses all attested that they could not have been meteors or comets. They flew on a straight line and did not drop or reduce speed in any way and flew in formations.

Page 76:
Pilots statement of multiple UFOs flying in and out of formation.

Flying over the Cascade Mountains on June 24, 1947 the witness was flying at 9,500 feet on a clear evening when a surprise flash caught his attention. Thinking he was too close to another aircraft he quickly looked around to discover 9 aircraft flying towards Mt. Rainier in a V formation.

At first he assumed they were just jets or some type of military aircraft. He determined that the flash he saw was from them changing direction and dipping up and down periodically with the sun reflecting off of them.

Once they were against the mountain he had a clear view of the crafts which had no tail and were saucer like. When flying straightforward they looked like a thin line. It was only when they turned he could see their true shape. He estimated their formation was about 5 miles long.


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