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Documents - CIA FILES

UFOs Visit Remote Areas of Russia According to Ufologicheskiy Scientific Coordination Center of the USSR

Class: Unclassified

Subject: State Center for Study of UFO's Established

Moscow Television Service in Russia at 1130 GMT on an April 16th broadcast a report says:

"Our country's first state organization for the study of unidentified flying objects has been set up in the soviet Union. It is the All-Union Inter-Industrial Ufological [ufologicheskiy] Scientific Coordination center of the USSR Academy of Sciences."

The report says that the "Ufological Commission" last year received 10-15 daily reports of sightings all over the world. The head of the Center, Azhazha, says in interview that Soviet sightings are reported every day. He believes that flying saucers most often visit remote places, though most sightings happen in densely-populated places where there are more observers. [Video shows U.S. pictures of UFO and alien visitor]

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Using the freedom of information act in the U.S. we were able to obtain many documents from different branches of the Government and the military. Some of these declassifed files show interesting facts and research about aliens, flying saucers, and UFOs.
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