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UFO Near Russian MIR Space Station

Headling: Object Seen Floating Around Mir

The flight of the Soviet-British crew onboard the Mir station is continuing. There are already primary results from the joint work. Not all of them, however, can be unequivocally interpreted. Our correspondent reports.

Yesterday evening, during the late communication session, a strange object was filmed. You can see it, there, at the very center of the screen. [Video shows the Mir station in space and a phosphorescent object hovering around it]

If it is a UFO, so be it. But Musa Manarov, who was filming the craft during docking with the station, has doubts, saying that he saw how that thing was coming off the craft. Of course, there is nothing cheerful in the fact that an object of quite a considerable size is flying around the station, even if it is not a part of the Soyuz cargo craft.

Let us recall that Helen Sharman is the first woman on board the Mir station, something to make seamen envious. Joking aside, it is still not clear what it is that is accompanying the station.

Well, we will wait for further reports. The fact is quite interesting indeed, and perhaps, fairly alarming.

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