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Documents - CIA FILES

CIA FILE: Soviet file 1968 UFO scientific investigation

AUTHOR: Doctor of technical sciences, assistant professor

TITLE: Unidentified Flying Object

SOURCE: Soviet no.2 1963, 27-29

TOPIC TAGS: atmospheric optical phenomena, Unidentified flying object, Meteorite

ABSTRACT: The author Moscow Aviation Institute presents several striking and reliable UFO observations and refutes the theory of U.S. astrophysicist Monzel and others that until recently no scientific study of UFOs are common optical phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere is wrong and due to the fact that there was no collection of UFO observations. The general impression was that flying saucers are fantasies. This situation is beginning to change.

In 1968 the publishing house of the USSR Academy of Sciences is scheduled to publish a book entitled Populated Outer Space, edited by acadamian Boris Konstantinov, Vice President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and written by distinguished Soviet and foreign contributors, including Americans.

In May 1967 a group of scientists, the military, writers, and public figures met to form an unofficial body whose purpose would be to conduct a preliminary scientific investigation of UFOs.

The organization, set up in October 1967, is called the UFO Section of the All-Union Com Committee, with headquarters at the Central House of Aviation and Cosmonautics in Moscow. Air Force Major General Porfiri Stolyarov was elected chairman of the section.

The hypothesis that UFOs originate in other worlds, that they are flying craft form planets other than Earth, merits the most serious examination.

Observations show that UFOs behave "sensibly." In a group formation flight they maintain a pattern. They are most often spotted over airfields, atomic stations, and other very few engineering installations. On encountering aircraft, they always maneuver so as to avoid direct contact. A considerable list of these seemingly intelligent actions gives the impression that UFOs are investigating.

Curiously enough, the number of UFO observations increases as Mars approaches the Earth. Is this pure coincidence?

Page 2

Some people think that UFOs have appeared in the earth’s atmosphere only during the past two decades. This is not the case. The UFO phenomenon has been observed throughout the history of mankind. There are medieval and ancient reports strikingly similar to our own.

Among the earlier UFO reports, as an example, may be the well-documented observations of a “large saucer” in 1882 and a “procession of bolides” in 1913. These reports still await investigation.

The most remarkable UFO phenomenon is the famous “Tungusky meteorite.” In recent years Soviet scientists have established that the Tungusky explosion had every parameter of an atmospheric nuclear blast. The USSR Academy of Sciences Reports (Volume 172, Nos. 4 and 5, 1967), include studies by Alexei Zolotov which attempt to prove that the Tungusky body could not be a meteorite or a comet.

In the summer of 1967 the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research at Dubna published a study by Vladimir Mekhedov, who concludes that the Tungusky blast left considerable residual radioactivity. Finally, as recently as 1966, after analyzing the sum total of observations on the Tungusky body’s flight, this writer showed that before the blast the Tungusky body described in the atmosphere a tremendous area of about 375 miles in extent (in azimuth), that is, carried out a maneuver.

All these new results warrant the conclusion that the Tungusky body seems to have been an artificial flying craft from some other planet.

Should this be finally confirmed by investigations now in progress, the significance of the Tungusky disaster would be inestimable.

But this, incidentally, will pose new problems. If we are indeed being studied by creatures from other planets, what is their purpose? Why are they so studiously avoiding any direct contact? Is their unsociability the result of so high level of development that they study us from that "height" just as we look upon and study ants? Or is there still the possibility of common understanding since we are born in the same Universe and obey the same laws of nature?

The study of UFOs may lead to quite different conclusions and present mankind with quite different problems.

The important thing now is for us to discard any preconceived notions about UFOs and to organize on a global scale a calm, sensation-free, and strictly scientific study of this strange phenomenon. The subject of the investigation is so serious that they justify any efforts. It goes without saying that international cooperation is vital.

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Using the freedom of information act in the U.S. we were able to obtain many documents from different branches of the Government and the military. Some of these declassifed files show interesting facts and research about aliens, flying saucers, and UFOs.
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