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Documents - CIA FILES

CIA FILE: Mayor Sees Flying Saucer Land and Sees Two Aliens 1952

An interesting UFO and alien encounter on page two that happened to a former mayor of Gleimershausen, Germany.

While riding home with his eleven year old daughter, Mr. Linke witnessed a UFO that looked like a "large frying pan", when his motorcycle tire blew and he was forced to stop, according to West Berlin Intelligence Officers.

He left his motorcycle by a tree when his daughter pointed out something in the distance about 150 meters away. After he approached the space vehicle, he noticed that there were two men standing outside of the flying saucer like object wearing some kind of a metallic clothing.

The object seemed to be 15 meters in diameter and had small holes around the outside of it. His daughter then said something and the beings must have heard her as they proceed to stop what they were doing and entered the vehicle.

The holes now started to light up and a humming sound started to come from the UFO. It then started to rise off of the ground, rose quickly, then took off towards Stockholm.

Linke said that he would have thought that he and his daughter were dreaming, but when they returned to the spot where he had seen the UFO and aliens and there was a definite indentation where the saucer had been.

Finally he said that he had never heard of a flying saucer before and at first thought it to be some kind of new military Soviet machine.

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