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Documents - CIA FILES

CIA FILE: Flying Saucers Sightings July 5 Through September 2 1954

Six pages of CIA documents dealing with flying saucer sightings between July 5 Through September 2 1954. The complete transcript can be found beneath the documents.

Interesting case: Multiple people of a crew of the local weather station, and a police officer on duty at headquarters observed not one but three flying saucers at around 2200 hours.

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Date: July 5th, 1954

Unidentifed Flying Oject Sighted Over Norway -- Oslo, verdens Gang

During exercises by an antiaircraft battery at Stavern, an unidentified flying object appeared in the sky directly in the line of fire and was observed through powerful binoculars by 50 officers and men. The object was located at a considerable distance and at an angle of 30-40 degrees to the horizontal; it was round or slightly elliptical in shape, flat on the underside, and silvery on the upper side. It moved up and down slowly for 7 minutes and then moved away at a speed estimated at serveral times the speed of sound.

"Flying Saucers" Sighted over West Berlin -- Casablanca, La Vigie Marocaine, July 5th 1954

Since May 1954, mysterious objects, described as "flying saucers," have been observed [daily] between 2200 and 2300 hours by various persons living in West Berlin.

"Flying Saucers" Over West Germany -- Hamburg, Hamberger Abendblatt, Aug 7th 1954

Several inhabitants, the crew of the local weather station, and a police officer onlight duty at headquarters observed three "flying saucers" over the city of Darmstadt. They appeared at around 2200 hours were of a fiery yellowish-red color, and seemed alternately to stand still and dart back and forth soundlessly. They were observed for about 1 1/2 hours.

Severable people also report having seen two "flying saucers" over schleavig between 2200 and 2315 hours. They were described as faint, fiery red points of light, which finally approached close enough to be made out as disks. Greenish-white rays are reported to have been emanted from the center of the disks.

"FLYING SAUCERS" OVER SOUTHERN GERMANY -- New York, N.Y., Staats-Zeitung and Herold, Aug 25 1954

Two "flying saucers" were seen over the city of Rastatt serveral days ago, shortly after 2200 hours, by at least 2 dozen witnesses. The saucers passed over the city from West to East within a few seconds. The two disk-like objects were lighted like white neon lamps and made no noise. The radar sets at the nearby airfield of Soellingen, where Royal Canadian Air Force jet fighters are based, failed to pick them up, because of their high altitude. There have been several cases of sightings of "flying saucers" over Southern Germany recently.

"FLYING SAUCERS" OVER SWITZERLAND --N.Y., Staats-Zeitung and Herold, Aug 29th 1954

According to the DPA, a number of Swiss, including members of the Swess Air Force, have reported "flying saucers" to the authorities during the past few days. Five objects, flying in formation, were reported over the area between Lake Constance and the Saentis Mountain range.

At Chur, a similar phenomenon was observed on three successive eventings, when bright objects were seen flying at an altitude of about 3,000 meters.

SEES "FLYING SAUCERS" IN CENTRAL FRANCE -- Paris, L'Aurore, Aug 19th 1954

An industrial designer residing in the town of vincennes, delared that in the afternoon of 17 August 1954, he had seen a "flying saucer" in the sky over Montlucon, Allier Department. He described what he saw as a luminous, brilliant white, disk-like object. The phenomenon was visible for several seconds before it was hidden by a cloud.


A 25-year-old man of Vernon, Fire Department, reported that during the night of 22 August 1954, he had seen, motionless in the sky, a large, luminous, cigar-shaped object, from which a flying saucer detached iteslf, assumed a vertical position, descended a short distance, leveled off, and silently disappeared at great speed. Hestated that this silent appearnce and flight was repeated in turn by four other saucers. The fifth saucer descended farther than the others and was clearly red in the center and black along the edge. By the time the last flight was completed the cigar had long since "volatilized" The entire phenomenon lasted about 45 minutes.

Two constables of Vernon also reported having seen an elongated, luminous flying object during that night.


At 2015 hours on 31 August 1954, Henri Tardy is reported to have seen a flying object in the shape of a short, fat cigar flying from east to west over Lyon. The object was bluish-green in color and emitted sparks from its tail. It disappeared in a few seconds toward the radio beacon on Mount Vernon.


Brazzaville, 19 July Monsignor Verhille, Apostolic Vicar of Fort Rousset, reported in the Brazzaville newspaper that he and others had sighted an unidentifed flying object over laketi in the likuala moussaka region of the Middle Congo on 18 June 1954 at 1935 hours. A luminous globe, it came from the North toward the Laketi Mission. It suddenly stopped, rose and dropped, stopped again, gyrated, and seemed to shake. A noise like that of an airplane engine, heard until that moment, also stopped. Seen through binoculars, the object had a dark mass in the center with light rays of unequal length coming out of it alternately. It went through its rising, falling, and stabilizing movements for 15 minutes, then shot back over the northern horizon.

UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS OVER SOUTHERN RHODESIA -- Leopoldville, Le Courrier D'Afrique, 25 July 1954

J.H. Flangan (a policeman) and some friends recently observed six unidentified objects in the sky over Enkeldoorn, south of Salisbury. The objects, which were almost imobile, were visible for about 20 minutes but disappeared when night fell.


Using the freedom of information act in the U.S. we were able to obtain many documents from different branches of the Government and the military. Some of these declassifed files show interesting facts and research about aliens, flying saucers, and UFOs.
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