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Devizes-June, 1999

Wiltshire-July 20th, 1999

Chilbolton-August 13th, 1999

Crop Circle Bishop Canning, UK-24th of August 1999

This is an obvious fake as I don't think that real aliens would have exposed themselves as such. Generally crop circles are supposed to send us a message or instructions not something as pointless as a face.

Barnsley South Yorkshire-14th August 1999

Avebury Wiltshire-July 1999

Descriptive Crop Circle-1999

Crop Circle-September 1999

Circle Triangle July 30th 1999

Alton Priors-August 1999

Cube Crop Circle Allington Devizes-June 1999

Wings Crop Circle -June 1999

Crop Circle -July, 1999

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