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UFO Beams Light Down From Sky- "The Annunciation" 1486

UFO Beams Light Down From Sky

In this stunning Painting called "The Annunciation" from 1486 by the hands of Carlo Crivelli you see an amazing image of a UFO beaming down light towards a building and through a window. A stream from God or a message from somewhere beyond the heavens.

Obscure Floating Orb-1388

Strange Orb UFO

A French picture from the Literature "Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs" by Jacques Legrand. A book of French works From 1388. Some speculate that it was a balloon, but during that time span there were no such devices yet.

UFO Sighting- 08/17/1783

At 9:45 in the evening on the terrace of Windsor Castle four people witnessed a strange object in the sky. It seemed to be running horizontal with the horizon and be of disk form. Under it appeared a strange orb that shot off to the east and then to the south west illuminating a magnificent light which lit up the whole ground underneath. This is a sketch of what was seen that night by Thomas and Paul Sandby two of the people at the sighting.

Painting in the Biserica Manastirii

The artist and time of the painting is unknown, but experts think that it's post 15th century. It was found in a church in Sighisoara, Romania.

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