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Jesus and Mary In UFO Painting- 1383-1440

UFO Painting with Jesus and Mary

Entitled "The Miracle of the Snow" this painting from 1388-1440 was done by Masolino Da Panicale and currently resides at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Florence, Italy it shows the two in a circle type cloud hovering above the disciples. This could easily be interpreted spiritually or something more extraterrestrial like them hovering in a UFO looking down upon them.

Strange UFO in Unique Jesus Painting- 1460-1465

UFO Painting Under Jesus

If you zoom in closely to this painting named "La Tebaide" by Paolo Uccello, you can see a strange UFO flying saucer type object under the cross sort of flying by. This painting was done sometime in the early 1460s and is currently hanging at the Academy of Florence.

Large Elongated Head In Chariot Sculpture

Elongated Head Alien

Egyptian Art Clearly Shows Real Alien Figure

Real Alien Figure

This is a great piece of ancient Egyptian art that shows an alien as clear as day. Some have speculated for many years about the roles that extraterrestrials played in such historic times such as the ancient Egyptians.

UFOs Found In Tapestry From 1538

UFO's found in Tapestry

A beautiful piece of art named summer's Triumph from 1538 in the Bayerisches National Museum. If you look at the top left corner you can see what could be described as flying saucers or UFO's. Unfortunately many people believe these are just clouds, but many artists hide and deceive what they are trying to portray and this could easily have been a case similar to that where the artist was showing a Pair of UFO's.

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